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Business Plan

No description

Leona Li

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Business Plan

Business Plan
Business Concept
Business Plan

Key products and Services
Mount Washington location
Key products and Services

Atomic Skiing Company
Our business, Atomic Skiing Store, supplies ski apparel and equipment. We have advisers to help the beginner and teach them how to ski. Other services that we offer is running skiing camps for people who like adventuring or are interested in it. The products we produce are useful, convenient and durable. You can buy our products via the internet. Our main skiing area provides Skiing Championship Races every year and are open to all.
Business Introduce:
Plan Objectives:
The propose of the plan is to save money for the company by developing new, efficient, products so we don't need a business loan to purchase new equipment. We don't need any business loan for skiing store either. Because money from previous on-line products has been invested, so our company has a surplus. Our goal this year is hope to make $150,000 profits from our store, with $250,000 in total net income.
Business Concept
Our business is a partnership and we hold 60 percent of ownership in the company. The people we have in the management team are all well trained with 5 years experience. The manager has over twenty years experience in the cycling business and had an undergraduate degree in marketing from Duke University

We also have people with diverse skills such as computer designing skill and communication skill. I believe our management team have an ability to find success in any solution.
Key products and Services

ski suits, like ski jacket, ski pant and one-piece ski suit

skis, climbing skins, wax, boots, helmets and poles.

the Atomic Resort has accommodation for nearly 500 people. It has ski lift, night skiing, glade skiing, cross-country skiing trail and snow groomer. It also has some activities such as snowmobiling, sledding, horse-drawn sleds, dog -sledding, game rooms, and local entertainment.



Equipment rentals


Products Risk:
Skiing is a high-risk sport. We assume responsibility of our products and have thoroughly trained our staff. This is especially important when adjusting skis to the level of the skier. Some researchers have suggested that the use of rented skis, boots and bindings, that are not well-adjusted to the individual could increase the risk of injuries. Children often use rented equipment and this may be another factor that contributes to an increased risk of injury in this group.

Price Strategy
• Prices
- winter park(resort): $65 for adult($25 for children)
- skis:$299-$999.99(rent $190-$250) - climbing skins:$70-$100
- wax:$15-$20 - boots&bindings: $150-$200(rent $70-$100)
- helmet:$50-$100 - poles:$10-$20
- one-piece ski suit:$250-$300 - ski jackets:$200-$250
- ski pants:$50-$100 - ski goggles:$20-$50
- heated ski boot bag:$100-$150 - camping backpacks:$50-$100
Key products and Services
Physical Distribution
Our prices reflect value.
We setting prices to maximize profits:
Marginal cost = Marginal revenue
We setting a high selling price per unit so it will generate a high contribution per unit and this would require a smaller volume to be sold before breakeven point is reached. Therefore, evaluate various options of prices and volume and compare these to what it feels customers might find attractive and what competitors might be changing.
We offer products to both customers and other businesses. If the customer purchase products of $200 or over, there is a 5% discount. We sell in bulk in other businesses for a lower price than the listed price of individual items and we also sell in special price to ski association.
Customer service
we use specialized software that allows the owner to track inventory while simultaneously analyzing all the routes and transportation modes available to determine the fastest, most cost-effective way to delivery goods on time.
we provides customized personal computers which may transport finished products by air rather than by truck, as faster delivery times may allow lower inventory costs, which would more than offset the higher cost of air transport.

we also sell the same products on the websites so the customers purchase on the websites we will shipping them from our warehouse in 24 hours.
Protective packaging and material handling
we combine of several unitized loads into one box and use this material handling can improve work efficiency.

•Mount Washington is located in the Presidential Range of the White Mountain. It is in the White Mountain National Forest, an area of 60.3 acres.

• The ski hill has developed into a well-respected Washington skiing resource and recreational facility for the local and regional communities.

• There is room for expansion of the ski area.

• This a a excellent place to serve our market, it is near the town which provides customers but a major concern is the lack of parking lots.
Advertising Plan

Email marketing and Internet advertising.
We advertise on our website which is for everybody and we also advertise on Twitter, Facebook, Google(include have video on YouTube) for local people.
• Cost of advertising
1. National Email Marketing
• Setup Process Email Template Design
• Setup Cost $4,000-$10,0000
• Cost of Media 5¢-$3 per qualified visitor
• Cost to Continue $500/month to internet market
1. National Search Engine Optimization
• Setup Process Website Configuration
• Setup Cost $4,000-$10,0000
• Cost of Media Free
• Cost to Continue $500/month to internet marketer
• Demographic Served People actively searching for a company like yours
Public Relation:
We will use the internet, magazine, email and word of mouth to promote our business. We also built up contacts with major community businesses.
Our website is simple to operate and line chat is offered 24 hours a day.
We use a public relations firm which called APCO worldwide and it is specializes in environmental PR, specifically crisis management, image creation, and PR event management.
Personal Selling Plan
• Reduced costs compared to other marketing tools such as advertising
• The pricing and benefits can be negotiated and discussed. We like to listen to customers feedback and will try our best to satisfy customers demands.
• We can establish the relationship with the online customers and that is a good way to develop business credibility.
• We can offer complex or custom products and services.
Human Resource
• Manager • Website designer
• Accountant • Website Manager
• Shipping Manager • Coaches
• Electrician • Chef Grade Manager
• Housekeepers and Janitors • Server/Cashier

Job Description:

---is directly responsible for resort activities and day to day running of ski operation.

Website Manager
---manager and design our websites and products

Shipping Manager
---assures that all the products brought online reach their destination on time.

---directly responsible for resort and properties housekeeping activities, ensuring department functions are maintained and highest level of service is being provided.

---responsible for and oversees all electrical maintenance servicing.

--manager all the expense and income for the business.

---responsible for solving problems from customers and promoting the resort.
• Everyone involved understands their roles and responsibilities.
• Teams are built by identifying and coordinating individual strengths and weaknesses.
• Expectations are clear and performance is evaluated.
• All staff and volunteer policies are clearly defined and communicated.
The ski industry is one of the biggest sport industry in Canada in 2013 14% of people over 12 year old were skiing.

So it stands to reason that the industry for buying and selling ski would be pretty big. In the USA there was all most 2 billion dollar of profit in 2013/2014.
Season Apparel Equipment Accessories Total
2013/14 $615,978,266 $618,874,381 $736,434,172 $1,971,286,820
31% 32% 37% 100%
The people that our store would be focus on would be anybody who wanted to ski. Which is what most ski store do.

On Mt.Washington where we plan to set up shop there is 3 other ski shop but we don't think it much of problem since Mt Washington is the only place you can ski on the Island.
Industry and Market Research
Industry Research:

The other three ski shop on the mountain out of them only one make all it profit out of ski and they only renting ski.

The other two sell ski but one is in the main lodge and sell them as a side the main thing is that it a gift shop and they only sell ski every once and a while. The other one is a pure ski shop but they only sell more advance stuff and focus on more maintenance (waxing, boot molding and stuff like that) they also do demo which is a little like renting expect that the person only use the ski for about half a day or so then returns them. Our shop will focus on actually selling ski, snowboards, and snow gear (goggle, parka glove, etc)

Competitive Analysis
Industry and Market Research
Industry and Market Research
Target Market
The target market for a ski resort is almost any age because people of all age like to ski. All thought I think the main customer would be in the age range of 20 to 60 so it a very broad range.

DEFINITION of 'Marginal Revenue - MR' The increase in revenue that results from the sale of one additional unit of output. Marginal revenue is calculated by dividing the change in total revenue by the change in output quantity.
The biggest resort in north America are vial resort and whistler/black bomb one and they make about 15-25% of their profit from people buying or renting ski there.(the diagrams are from 2013/2014)
Thank you !
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