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No description

Mara Hall

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Ostinati

Now Try Your Own! Row Row Row Your Boat
Here is our own ostinato creation to a song that we already know how to sing in a round Ostinato Notated Now that we've sung the song, here is a picture of how our ostinato would look written above the melody line Ostinati By: Mara Hall
Mollie Beam Essential Standard:
4.ML.1.2 Execute the performance of vocal ostinatos, partner songs, counter-melodies, and rounds in two or more parts. Ostinato An ostinato is a repeated phrase or motif throughout an entire song or section of a song

Here is a demonstration: Ms. Hall sings an ostinato during this song. Notice she sings the same short phrase over and over until the end of the song Ostinato- Melody- Ostinato- Melody-
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