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A Long Walk to Water

Engl 3050

Kathryn Harding

on 19 March 2016

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Transcript of A Long Walk to Water

The Lost Boys of Sudan
Southern Sudan vs . Government
A Long Walk to Water
"Two young people...two stories. One country: Sudan"
1.5 million killed
4 million displaced
20,000 "Lost Boys"
Loun-Ariik (1985)
Loun-Ariik attacked
Salva sent into bush
Southern Sudan (2009)
Builds a well in a Nuer village.
Salva meets Nya
Salva abandoned by his villagers
Meets Marciel in another group
Finds Uncle
Marciel disappears
Cross Nile
Cross Akobo Desert
Rebels rob them and kill Uncle
Itang Refugee Camp
Itang Camp, Ethiopia (1991)
Government kicks refugees out
Cross Gilo River. Many killed by guns and crocodiles
Salva leads boys to Kakuma
Ifo Camp, Kenya (1992)
Salva meets Michael
Salva goes to New York
Studies business in college
Father gets sick
Salva sees father after 19 years
Salva creates WATER FOR SOUTH SUDAN and raises money
How To:
Gradual introduction
Framed silence
Hopeful ending
Show consequences
Choiceless choice
Lone child
Coming of age
Loss of faith
Family and Relationships
War and Genocide
Refugee Life & Immigration
Second Sudanese War
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