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Daleel Presentation

No description

Amani Abumansour

on 21 September 2014

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Transcript of Daleel Presentation

Daleel Project was initiated on
7th of December
after the SWOT analysis workshop.

Daleel team consists of the following:
Ashar Ali (System Analyst)
Rabea Abdelrahman (Programmer)
Amani Abumansour (Daleel Administrator)
Samer Sayegh (Project Manager)
Dr. Ismail Satti (HR Consultant)

In-house Developed System:
DALEEL system, is an in-house developed system designed to help and fulfill the HR needs of the company and its employees.

DALEEL HRIS system, will provide an effective & electronic communication medium between Human Resource Department and ICAD employees as well as within Human Resource Department.

By use of Latest Information Technology tools, DALEEL automate the existing manual HR Processes.
single & centralized
source of HR information.
Improves on
HR planning
Generates HR reports
and information on a single click.
Effective & efficient information distribution
among employees.
It’s a

and can be configured on the Internet.
Electronic requests and decisions.

DALEEL is an in-house developed software which could eventually be implemented in our sister companies if required.
Silent Features

Manage multiple divisions, projects & department

Employee information such as (ICAD or SBG)


Designations & job descriptions,

Performance appraisals

Employee Self Service – HR Portal
Support Paperless Environment

Employee Self Service HR portal and automated HR processes help to implement paperless environment within the company. However it can generate hard copies for necessary filing & documentation of critical information.
Automated E-Communication

Automatic Reminders and notifications via SMS or Emails

Can be used for broadcasting messages to employees via SMS, emails or application notifications.
Security & Confidentiality

Daleel has a proven & a three-tier user access control system architecture

Ability to create multiple roles and access right for users

Recording of employees actions in Logs files.

Users have an access on their relevant information only.

DALEEL has a feature to integrate with other Information Systems such as time & attendance information systems.

Current attendance system installed within ICAD’s different sites has already been interfaced with DALEEL.

Finance and other ERP systems can also be integrated with DALEEL to achieve overall organizational goals & Objectives.

Major Reports
Technical Specification
Application Architecture

Security Architecture

Required Infrastructure

Compatibility With other ERP’s

DALEEL is a Web-based Application built on
Microsoft ASP.Net & C#
and can be run on any browser (available for demonstration).

Relational database of the DALEEL has been designed on
Microsoft SQL Server
1 Live Server Hardware to run 24/7 ( Specifications can be provided if required).
1 Backup Server Hardware for smooth operation at failure of Live Server.
Software Licenses for Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server.
Microsoft Proven User Access Control System and Access Rights Management System along with audit trail and log recording have been developed and implemented in DALEEL.
Information from DALEEL – HRIS system can be easily migrated into any other ERP’s Like Oracle, SAP and JD Edwards.
DALEEL system can interact as HR Module with the interface of Oracle, SAP and JD Edwards ERP’s.
Routine Reports can be developed as per company standard formats / requirements

List of 115 Routine Reports is available

Monthly attendance report
Vacant positions report
Saudization report
Report of employees per nationality.
As per ICAD’s HR process workflows, almost 70 % project has been developed and ready to use.

We can go live with the following modules:
Personal Administrations
Employee Self service
Time & Attendance management system
Maintain Org Structure

Major Components
Employee Self Service – HR Portal

Integration with Time and Attendance, Finance System

Employee and Institutional Relation

Compensation and Benefits

HR Planning
HR Research and Development

DALEEL - Human Resource Information System
HR Reporting and Analysis
Access Leave records

General requests such as:

Attendance modification

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