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Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

No description

Kathleen N.

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

April 26, 1865
April 14, 1865
Sic simper tyrannis!
(pg. 92)
Lincoln's Death
How Abraham Lincoln Died
John Wilkes Booth's Death
Booth hid for days in Virginia
Tracked down by federal troops
Founded near a tobacco farm
Refused to surrender, was shot
Rumors were passed around
April 15, 1865
Kathleen Nguyen
John Wilkes Booth
Black Codes
Strong supporter of the Southern cause
In 1864, he planned the abduction
Confederate prisoners were let out
Recruited a few conspirators
Had several attempts, but ended unsuccessful
Lincoln suggested that slaves should vote
Abraham Lincoln's Assassination
The Lincolns went to Ford's Theater
"Our American Cousin"
Booth slipped into the presidential box
Shot Lincoln during the third act
Booth jumped off the balcony
Passed by the Southern Legislatures
This restricted freed slaves' activity
Slaves required to sign yearly labor contract
Congress began a new program
Bring equal rights to slaves
New amendments were added to Constitution
13th amendment
14th amendment
15th amendment
Civil War Amendments
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