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Book report: Green Heart Alice Hoffman

No description

abby dias

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Book report: Green Heart Alice Hoffman

Character 1: Green
Green is the main character. She is fifteen and turns sixteen in the story. She is very shy and pretty much afraid of the world. She rarely speaks but in the story she plans to change that when she turns sixteen. Setting:
A small cottage deep in the woods with a beautiful garden. The garden is filled with blood red roses, vines that reach the top of the chimney, fresh vegetables and juicy fruits. Opinion:
I would rate this book a 9/10 because I would change some things in the book to make it better. If I told you what I would change it would give away the ending. But overall it was a really good book with a great lesson, but sad story.
p.s. it made me cry ;( Green Heart by Alice Hoffman Prezi by: Abby Dias Character 2: Aurora
Aurora is Green's sister. She is very outgoing, can never sit still and rarely stops dancing or humming. Introduction:
Green and her family all grow a garden. They sell their fruits and vegetables in the city. They don't take trips to the city very often, so when they do, Green and her younger sister take turns going to the city while the other stays home to garden. Green's little sister was too young to stay home a lot so she got to go to the city more often. This time, it wasn't Green's turn to go. Since she loved the city, she was very angry about it. Her family tried to say a nice goodbye to her, but all she did was keep her back turned to them. That wasn't a smart move for her because it turned out to be the last thing she ever did to them. That day that they left to cross the bridge to the city, Green went to watch the sparkling buildings as she ate lunch on the hill. All of the sudden, with a loud crack, the city she loved went up in flames. The red walls of fire trapped the people she loved. GREEN HEART Main Idea:
The main idea or the message I think the author wanted the readers to know or learn is that what you lose, you can find. I believe this because it is something that the main character Green says in the story. Also, in the story, Green loses her family and well, her only happiness. She falls in love and finds her happiness once again with friends too. Conflict:
The conflict in my story was person vs. themselves. I know this because the main character Green is kind of fighting with her own self in the story about what type of person she wants to be. She was very quiet and was going to change that on her sixteenth birthday. But when her family dies, she becomes even MORE quiet and depressed. She didn't know whether to hide herself and give up on her goal, or to make friends to get rid of her depression. The End! Point of view:
Green Heart is written in first person. I know this because Green the main character says "I" in the story which can only mean she's talking about herself. The book doesn't show how any of the other characters feel. The reader can only see into Green's mind and Heart.
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