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Attracting the target audience

No description

Marianna Kyriakides

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Attracting the target audience

Attracting the target audience
we had asked questions on our film opening online to see how we could improve it. As we had done two a first cut and a final cut.
Also done a padlet to see what other thought about the opening sequence.
we had let our peers watch the film opening, then later tell us what they understood- to make sure that the story plot is clear to the audience.
As it is subverting the stereotypical codes and conventions of a thriller movie it has plot twists-which make it more suspenseful for the audience and they would feel intrigued to watch more.
Also as it was in black and white filter it created a more classic effect much like 1940s film noir movies.
As it would contain explicit violence and language it would be an 18.
We had chosen these features to attract our target audience to make it more suspenseful, and they would be more likely to see a movie which has a plot twist as it is a thriller, also with the different style uncommon to movies nowadays hopefully it would increase.
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