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Light Cycle, Calvin Cycle, Glycolysis, Krebs Cycle, and Electron Transport Chain

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Roman Hernandez

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Light Cycle, Calvin Cycle, Glycolysis, Krebs Cycle, and Electron Transport Chain

Calvin Cycle This is actually the dark reactions part of photosynthesis. (Refer back to photosynthesis) Glycolysis This process takes place in the cytoplasm. This process creates 2 ATP`S and 2NADPS, but in the end uses these products. Gluclose(6C) is broken down into 2PGALS(Phosphoglyceraldehyde- 3 Carbon Molecules) This process take 2 ATP molecules. 3PGAL`S(3C) are converted to 2 pyruvates and this creates 4ATP`S and 2 NADPH`S. The net ATP production of Glycolysis is 2 ATP`S. Krebs/Electron Transport Cycle Krebs Cycle- This cycle take place within the mitochondria. 2NADH`S are created per 1 pyruvate. Also 2CO2 are released per 1 pyruvate.
- 6NADH`S are generated when 3 per Acetly CoA that enters.
- 2FADH2 is generated when 1 per Acetly CoA that enters.
- 2ATP are generated when 1 per Acetly CoA that enters.
- 4CO2`S are released when 2 Acetly CoA enters. Light Cycle (Photosynthesis) Photosynthesis is the process in which chloroplasts absorb sunlight, and chlorophyll absorbs sunlight, with the help of water, then the thylakiod takes that sunlight and has 2 reactions. The light reaction consists of the plant making ATP and NADPH. Then there is the dark reaction (The Calvin Cycle-See Calvin Cycle Slide) where ATP, NADPH, and oxygen is created. Cell Energy By
:Roman Hernandez Pre-AP 6CO2+12H2O+Light C6H12O6+6O2+6H2O 3CO2+6NADPH+5H2O+GLYCERALDEHYDE-3-PHOSPHATE(G3P)+2H+6NADP+9ADP+8 Pi(Pi= Inorganic phosphate) Electron Transport Cycle- This process occurs with the Krebs Cycle, in the mitochondria. This process usually creates 32 ATP`S. ATP is generated when H+ as it moves down the concentration gradient with a special enzyme called ATP synthase.
The net energy production is 36 ATP.
Anaerobic Respiration- gains no energy and converts NADP to NAD+.
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