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nikita deodat

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Bolivia

Map of Bolivia
Famous Sights
Location and Climate
Interesting Facts
Bolivia has over 30 official languages and 36 native cultures.
The world's largest butterfly in the world is in Bolivia it's called," sanctuary".
Bolivia holds the record for the wettest countries in the world.
Population and Capitol
The population of Bolivia is 10.5 million. The capital of Bolivia is Sucre.
Bolivia is a central South American country. The climate varies with altitude to humid and tropical to cold and semiarid.
Foods that are eaten in Bolivia are pique a lo macho, Saltenas, and Huminta.
Holidays celebrated in Bolivia are Ano Nuevo,( new year's day) carnival/ Shrove Tuesday that is usually on February 3rd through March 9th, and All Saints Day on November 1st.
Currency and Money
The Bolivian Boliviano is the currency of Bolivia. 1 Bolivian Boliviano equals 0.14 US dollar.
Famous People
Marco Antonio Etcheverry-a soccer player
Senorita Mendoza pd 4

By: Nikita Deodat

Yungas Road
Lake Titicaca
La Paz
Gladys Moreno- singer
David Santalla- actor
Products from Bolivia that are imported are silver, jewelry, crude oil, Brazil nuts and other agricultural products. Bolivia is known for soybeans, coffee,and cotton.
Pique a lo Macho
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