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natural disasters

No description

marlie stassen

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of natural disasters

Volcano's/mountains form over millions of years when the earth's plates meet and make a dent going outwards. After a very long time under the earth's plates the magma from the earth's core comes up and explodes which is called a volcano eruption.
made by
THEO S :-),
JOEY G :-)

Tsunamis are one of the biggest disasters in the world. As you can see how horrible it is on the pictures above.
lots of this can happen, for example cars are floating on the water,people die and houses brake-apart.
In Japan there are sometimes tsunamis because Japan is lower than the water.
Tsunamis are very strong.
Most people
think that tsunamis are not so strong
but they are.


Lava is strong
if you put a plastic
cup in lava it will
melt in 20 seconds

The water is
really strong.
It can go about
300 km per hour.
volcanos are really hot they can be more 1,000 degrees
The word volcano
comes from the
name of
the Roman god of
The vast majority of Tsunamis result is from earthquakes.
The END, thank you for watching
as you can see the pictures are so
horrible, they are like that because
Earthquakes involve the powerful
movement of rocks in the Earth’s
crust. The rapid release of energy
creates seismic waves that travel
through the earth.
An earthquake that hit Haiti
in January 2010 with a
magnitude of 7.0 killed over
200000 people according
to Haitian sources.
Earthquakes often hit Japan
because the Japanese archipelago is located in an area where several continental and oceanic plates meet.
Tsunamis usually begin with an earthquake under or near the ocean. They can also be caused by volcanic eruptions underwater

When the magma comes out of the volcano, it is called lava. The magma is formed when the heat and pressure in the earth melts the rock.
The plates move the same speed as our fingernails grow
Are there any
Earthquakes are big and strong.
Earthquakes can cause big trouble
for allot of people, for example a
week ago there was a earthquake
and so people have problems with
that, because now the have to rebuild
there house and they don`t have any
money to do it. For some family's it can
take them years to rebuild there house
so that is not fun , and for some family's
it only takes them a month or a week
to rebuild there house. Earthquakes can
be bad for a lot of people and it causes
lots of problems.
Volcano Eruptions
In a landslide, masses of rock, earth or debris move down a slope. Debris and mud flows are rivers of rock, earth
Landslides are natural hazards that cause millions of dollars of damage each year and also cause many deaths.
sometimes earthquakes can lead to some spectacular landslides.
A landslide is the movement of rock, earth, or debris down a sloped section of land. Landslides are caused by rain, earthquakes, volcanoes, or other factors that make the slope unstable.
In Antioch (Turkey) 115AD there was a major Earthquake.With a magnitude of 7.5 and approximately 260 000 dead it didn't just hit Turkey it also hit Syria and made several small Tsunamis
The heaviest earthquake in Turkey from the year 0 until now was on 26 December 1939 in Erzincan. The magnitude (power) was 7.8 and there were 32,700 fatalities (people that died). This century on the 23rd of October 2011 in the Van Province there was an earthquake with amagnitude (power) of 7.2 and there where 604 fatalities (people that died).

The strongest earthquake ever recored was in Chile on the 22nd May 1960. The magnitude of this earthquake was 9.5.

Olmost evrey day in Turkey there is an earthquake. For example on Wednesday 4th February 2015 there where 16
earthquakes in Turkey with a minimum power of 2 and a
maximum power of 4.1.
The heaviest earthquake in Turkey from the year 0 until now was on 26 December 1939 in Erzincan. The magnitude was 7.8 and there were 32,700 Deaths.
On the 23rd of October 2011 in the Van Province there was an earthquake with a magnitude (power) of 7.2 and there where 604 Deaths.
You've likely seen this when building a sand castle or working with clay. However, too much water causes the sediment to flow, which is why many landslides occur after rainstorms.

Heavy rains have caused flooding and landslides in the north of turkey while other areas have been affected by heavy snowfall.
Four people have died in Turkey after buildings collapsed and rivers burst their banks
experts say that there are lots of landslides
there because the ground is wet and mushy
I hope you liked our presentation, please tell me if there is something that we could've done better for next time.
Theo S.

Turkey has abou 18-20 volcanos.
There are hardlyany volcanos that are active.
The last eruption in Turkey was in 1855.

volcanos are hot hot hot
Tsunamis are wet wet wet
earthquakes are bumpy bumpy bumpy
A landslide stuck a coalfield
in central turkey
The northeastern wall of an open-pit mine collapsed, sending about 50 million tons of material into the mine. The debris buried and killed ten workers
In the world there
are about 1500
volcanos active.
The largest volcano in
the world is called
Mauna Loa in Hawaii
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