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Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Literature

No description

Anna Abramovich

on 17 January 2015

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Transcript of Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Literature

Sleeter and Grant
(S&G) Human Relations
Promote feelings of unity, tolerance, acceptance within existing social structures.
Promote positivity, reduce stereotyping, promote self concepts

“Beyond Pink and Blue” by Robin Cooley "Girls, worms, and body image" by Kate Lyman
"Critically reading texts: What students do and how teachers can help." by Hall & Piazza

Lesson 1
Lesson 2: Literature Circles
4 groups - 2 related books (Share books)
Bullying based on nonconformance
Girl power
Gender Toys/Activities
Alternative Families
Each group reads books and discusses -

Lesson 3 - Gender Stereotypes in the Media
Lesson 3: find examples
Activity to find examples in class (small groups)
Create poster with Magazine Images
Lesson 3: data project

Identify examples of gender stereotyping over course of week. TV, magazines, newspapers, computer ads, billboards, mailers
Fill in template

Lesson 3: data project
Male v. female?
Sources - which form of media has most examples of stereotyping
Identify target audience? (e.g., men watching sports, kids programming, women’s magazines)
Lesson 4 - Classroom book
“What Everyone Needs to Know”
“Some people think…, but everyone needs to know...”
Two illustrations - one showing stereotype and the other breaking the stereitype
Reflective teaching
Challenging Gender
Stereotypes In Literature
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