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Genetically Modified Foods

No description

Bijal Patel

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Genetically Modified Foods

Harmful or Helpful? Genetically Modified (GM) Foods What Are GM foods? GM foods are genetically altered by scientists to enhance the foods' nutritional value, boost their resistance to disease, insects and weeds, or lengthen their shelf lives To do this, they remove part of the
DNA from one organism and inject it into another one. They have finally broken the wall
separating the plants from the
animals. But for better or the worse? Genetically modified foods can be harmful . Pesticides In Conclusion ... Mendel started off by back in time 110 years later ... experimenting with pea plants. Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer were the first to successfully transfer genes from one organism to another. rDNA was only found 30 years ago Saccharine Rats with tumors. Golden Rice
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