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Copy of Finding Allusion in Writing

An introduction to literary allusion.

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Finding Allusion in Writing

Allusion is when a writer references a place, person, or something that happened.
This can be real or imaginary
and may refer to anything,
including mythology, history
(event or well-known person),
other pieces of writing
(the Bible, Shakespeare, fairy tales)
or even movies or pop culture.
An allusion is like déjà vu –
if you notice it, it will seem like something you’ve heard about before.
When dad lost his job, mom became a Scrooge, and we almost never got to buy anything we didn’t absolutely need.

interpret (where does it come)

explain (what does it mean)
It comes from Charles Dickens'
"A Christmas Carol"
and it means that mom didn't
like to spend money.
He was so angry I expected him to turn green and tear his shirt to bits by flexing his bulging muscles.
interpret and explain
It comes from Marvel Comic's "The Hulk"
and it means the he was extremely angry.
She was a Good Samaritan yesterday when she helped the old man weed his garden.
interpret and explain
It comes from the Bible and it means that she chose to be very kind.
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