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Environmental issues facing the world

From water pollution to global warming, environmental issues affect every person, animal, community, and nation on the planet.

Mirica Krajnc

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Environmental issues facing the world

Water pollution
Soil and land pollution
Agricultural pollution
Light pollution
Noise pollution
What we have now?
Thank you for your attention!
the world

Environmental issues affect every person, animal, community, and nation on the planet.
More people are taking steps to protect the environment and educate others about environmental problems.
What is pollution?
Contamination of air, water and soil by introduction of a contaminant into a natural environment.
Many years ago ...
And now ...
What we have now?!
The Red list
is longer
day by day!
Ten worst offenders
in the world are
Each day over 1000 children die of diarrheal sickness in India and the numbers have only increased alarming in the last five years?
United States produces 30% of the world’s waste and uses 25 % of the worlds natural resources?
In China, for example, about 75 percent of the population (or 1.1 billion people) are without access to unpolluted drinking water, according to China's own standards?
Pollution kills more than 1 million seabirds and 100 million mammals every year.
The government also plays an important role!
Wildlife conservation
Climate change
Genetic modification
Loss of Biodiversity
Household and industrial waste
Ozone layer depletion
Nuclear issues
Acid rain
Littering and landfills
Global warming
Greenhouse gasses
Air pollution
More than 1 billion people worldwide don’t have access to safe drinking water.
Inhaling Air pollution takes away at least 1-2 years of a typical human life.
Rising levels of air pollution in Beijing has brought a new disease – Beijing cough.
Air pollution is not a recent occurrence. In 1952, the Great Smog of London killed 8000 people.
Noise pollution is the most neglected type of pollution.
Use energy efficient product
Phasing out fossil fuels
Switch off gadgets when are not in use
Stop deforestation
Use public transportation
Explore renewable sources

Use public transportation
"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children."

David Brower
What are environmental ethics?
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