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No description

aicha jacas

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of PRIMO HYBRID

Stapleton House Consultancy Presents...
PRIMO HYBRID AACO1 HEV Marketing Objectives PRIMO HYBRID AACO1 CONSUMERS PRIMO HYBRID will set the bench-mark in the UK for providing its consumers economically sound, value, sustainability, quality and the ability to soar past conventional practices... our car is more than just a automotive break-through, it is the future in motion! THE CAR- PRIMO HYBRID AACO1 HEV Small Plug–In/Hybrid Electric Vehicle (P/HVE)
'Go Green' Economically Friendly
'Go Green' Environmentally Friendly
Essentially an 'urbanized town' Vehicle
Affordable, Stylish, Fun, Nippy, Functional
The Car of the future
A Car for all To enter into and gain 5+% of the HEV’s and PHEV’s market share both in the UK and Europe within five years
Create customer awareness by 40% and sustain PRIMO’s position within the market
Enhance Primo’s image, resonance and brand equity as a highly efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly second vehicle for the family
Enhance after-care sales for our consumers
Increase product sales to our targeted demographic by 20% within the next two years
To maintain and increase profitability by 5% within the next twelve months
To internationalise the PRIMO brand into North America within the next 6 years 80% of our core consumers will be, according to the Lars Perner (1999) ideals of the traditional and non-traditional families Aicha Jacas
Osman Amin
Collins Abban
Christina Corrente The PRIMO HYBRID AACO1 HEV Explained “Pike Research anticipates that the annual market for hybrid electric and plug-in electric vehicles will grow to 2.9 million vehicles by 2017." Our Core Consumers Family orientated person seeking to purchase a second car which will prove to be economically viable for domestic uses in the long-run
Family orientated person seeking to purchase a second car for their partner/child as a first time buy which will prove to be economically viable
The new aged Go-green environmentally-friendly family The 80%ers The 20%ers Consumer Demographics Age - 30-55 (Core Customer base age range)
Gender – 70% Males and 30% Females
Income- High end, mid-range wage earners
Interests – Environmentally friendly, Family Orientated, Social and Entertainment, ACORN classification 'Family First' & 'Enthusiastic Greens' A2, A9, A10, A13, A15, A16, A17, A18, A26, A27, A28, A29, A41, A42
Location – Urbanised areas within the UK (predominately the London area, with Midlands, East Anglia and the South East to follow)
Size of Household – standardised UK based households (4 members)
Others - 11% of new car owners are willing to translate climate-consciousness into action FLC- Wells & Gruber 1960 Segment Purchase Behaviour A generally relatively high disposable income
Completely novel Purchaser
Males within a family tend to decide on the purchasing of automatives
According to the FLC we will target the following: Full Nest 2 and 3 and Newly Married Young first time buyers for the sole purpose of domestic and entertainment purposes
Single people wishing to purchase a smaller, stylish mode of transport that will prove to be value for money in the long-run
Old and young people looking for an efficient and environmentally-friendly mode of transport around urbanised areas for work, domestic and pleasure
Early Adoptors and Innovators PRIMO HYBRID AACO1 Explored Our Unbeatable Price Our Distribution Networks From PRIMO 2 Consumer
Innovative Distribution
with the 'Go Green' Ethos Tying in with the 'Go Green' ethos customers will be able to purchase the PRIMO HYBRID AACO1 through the following distribution networks BUILDING THE BRAND
PRIMO AACO1 Perceptual Mapping and Positioning The 'PRIMO CONCEPT'
Promotional Campaign PRIMO AACO1 THE PRIMO INCENTIVE PRIMO HYBRID AACO1 HEV have teamed up with POD POINT UK and BRITISH GAS to provide our consumers with a *free home Charging Unit for a limited time only and 10% of your annual Electricity bill for a year Positioning PRIMO amongst our competitors STAPLETON HOUSE CONSULTANCY FORECAST FOR PRIMO "With the average price of unleaded petrol soaring to 137.44p per litre, Charging Solutions says motorists are looking to electric vehicles as a viable solution to the hike in motoring bills." Shropshire Live Online (*excludes installation fees, offer ends after 12mths) All vehicles will be purchased online. Customers can tailor their vehicle to fit their needs, style and functionality. A standardized state-of-the-art 'Go-Green' Sales and Care stations will be set-up, where customer care, quality control and after-care services will constantly be provided and monitored.

Once purchased the vehicle will be delivered to the purchasers home as well as benefiting from the home-charging unit by POD POINT UK, installed at the time of delivery by PRIMO PRIMO's GO-GREEN ONLINE PURCHASE & DISTRIBUTION Perceptions of PRIMO HYBRID AACO1 Practical & Affordable
Functional yet stylish
Innovative regarding Concept & Design
Environmentally friendly
Competitively sound against its rivals
Aggressively competes in both HEV/PHEV/BEV & Petrol automotive markets
Geared towards those within the middle stages of the FLC
Will be adopted by the trendsetters of society Hatchback, 5 door
Reliable 4 year warranty
PEV models available @ 1.6 Voltage, 1.4cc
Vehicles can be customized - exterior colour, interior
Available on Lease
Government grant available - OLEV incentive
Made in Japan
Numerous ways to charge the car (Sonar Panel)

Peugeot ion £21,216 22 Yes

Citroen C-Zero £21,216 22 Yes

Mitsubishi i-MiEV £23,990 22 Yes

Renault Zoe £13,650 26 Yes

Nissan Leaf £25,990 27 Yes

Renault Fluence £17,495 29 Yes

RATING OLEV GRANT Renault Zoe Nissan Leaf Citroen & Peugeot PRIMO HYBRID AACO1 PRIMO
Manufacturer PRIMO
Sales Subsidiary PRIMO
Dealerships PRIMO
Website PRIMO
Consumers PRIMO's Distribution Networks Distribution channels for PRIMO HYBRID AACO1 is set up on two directions, business to business and business to customer Automotive parts production now takes place on a global scale. (Mintel 2012) Manufacturers can stock to order
Authorised UK urban 'Go Green' Dealers will be able to sell vehicles
Only the official online PRIMO HYBRID AACO1 will able to sell its vehicles
Cost effective in the long run, which will be passed onto the Customer
Customers have the ability to negotiate and custom their vehicle
Customer can benefit from a wider range of models to choose from
Will reiterate the 'Go Green' Ethos
Time efficient and effective
Defects within the warrant can be met efficiently at our service stations housed nationally across the UK Benefits of PRIMO's Distribution Networks The Government gives 25%, up to £5000 in grants towards the purchase of New HEV & PEV's
'Go Green' the future of Global sustainability
PRIMO Hybrid ACCO1 state of the art, leading automotive technology
Will use Green Marketing CSR strategies to enhance the brand
Will utilize lifestyle perception marketing in communicating the brands core essence to its target audience
Will enhance the capabilities of greener fuels for the future through sponsorship and endorsements
Carbon footprints are valued like precious stones PRIMO HYBRID AACO1 "WHERE DREAMS ARE REALIZED IN THE FUTURE OF GREEN" (pics courtesy of green car reports Online) The Prokhorov designed Hybrid We have positioned the PRIMO Hybrid AACO1 proportionately to fill a much needed gap within the current automotive market. The 'Go Green' Approach has been adopted to add to our overall marketing concept. The cost is relatively high for a new car but will prove to be financial accommodating in the future. The promotional and marketing communications campaign will be launched in line with Stapleton House Consultancy's tactical timing. A number of PR and Advertising tools will be both initiated and utilized in a unique Campaign called the 'PRIMO CONCEPT' Digital & Traditional Billboard Advertising
Online (www.whatcar.com, www.topgear.com www.femalefirst.co.uk)
Print (selected BAUER Publications, Auto Car Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Hello, GQ, Vogue, FAST )
Radio (Radio 1, BBC3, Magic, Kiss, Jazz FM, Capital, Heart)
Direct & WOM Marketing, online bloggers www.treehugger.com
An agreed co-promotion with Pod Point & British Gas

We will utilize online social media and android technology to build awareness through our 'Spot the Primo' campaign. Our car will travel across the UK and the public will have a chance to win the car, if they spot it, entering exact location and approximate time. Thank you for your time The 'PRIMO CONCEPT'
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