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The Friar's Tale

No description

Leon Camacho

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of The Friar's Tale

The Friar's Tale
Were poor
Dress poorly in a robes
worked for the church
preached for limited districts
vowed their life to poverty
worked among the poor
survived off of donations
The Cursing
Hennedy makes the comment that the Friar's Tale is something more than clever, by being more than just ironic in text but the whole dilemma the summoner is in, is ironic
The Friars Tale’s summoner would fit right in Dante’s Inferno, because of his greediness, and The Friar’s Tale shares “Dantesque Elements.”
Chaucer and Dante may have different nationalities and temperament, but the view of Christianity was one and the same.
The Tale
Summoner works for archdeacon.
summoner's job includes seeking for sinners and take them to court.
Friars are always above summoners.
Summoner interrupts and attacks.....""
Friar continues trash talking
summoner seeks for the widow
yeoman and summoner meet
Reveal each other
The yeoman
the summoner curses himself
The tale
The prologue
Friar looks at the summoner in a "scowling" way
Degrades summoners in General
Host Interrupts
Summoner reacts to the friar's generalizations
Host acts like a peacekeeper.

the carter and his horses
the widow
going to hell
the friar attacks summoner again.
we should all beware of temptation
The Friar's Summoners Dilemma
Main Points
Hennedy's correction to Ruggiers summary analysis of The Friar's Tale
The correlation between the old womans curse and the summoner cursing himself
The Dilemma's Irony
Intertextual connections between the summoner and Dante from Dante's Inferno
Our Friar (Hubert)
Was the complete opposite of what friars really were like.
He was corrupt
. "He had arranged full many a marriage. Of women young, and this at his own cost."
Dressed elegantly
"He was like a lord or like the pope. Of double worsted was his semi-cope."
Wasn't around his social class.
"Well liked by all and intimate was he, with franklins everywhere in his country, And with the worthy women of the town"
Because of the old womans curse, and the summoner cursing himself, the summoner is caught in an inescapable path to hell.
Hennedy states, the summoner can go to hell by the old womans means or his own.
Therefore, the summoner doesn't shy away from the devil as he makes his appearance, as he is already damned.
Reinforces his oath of brotherhood to the devil, giving him no option in the climax to repent.
So the summoner therefore is sealed in his own fate
Based on the Tale
The Friar doesn't like summoner. "This summoner was as mad as a hare, yet none of his rascality I'll spare, for we're beyond the reach of his correction."
Telling the tale by self-experience."My chest holds gold and silver"
He is well liked. "Then said our Host. 'Now let him tell his tale.I pray, continue, though the Summoner rail, and, my dear master, leave out nothing, sir.'"
Intertextual Connections and Conclusion
Based on the Character what can we learn from the English society?
Based on the Friar one major thing we can learn from the English society at that time was the corruption of the church. "...so it's by extortion that I live.
It's true, for I take all that men will give. Each year by sleight if not by violence..."
Corrupted to the point where church members disliked and hated on each other. In this case, the Summoner and the Friar.
Greed Is the Root of All Evil
Lead to corruption of the church
Stay with half of the charge
Had spies
Only went after those who would be able to pay
Planning on stealing from the yeoman (devil)
Carter & his horse
Helping the devil capture prey
Showing this ways to the devil
What Goes Around Comes Around
Corruption Will Lead to Damnation
He was a pimp
Would make false accusations about sins committed
Old widow - cuckold
Wanting to take 12 pence from the old widow
The devil also makes his earning through corruption
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