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Leaders of Their Own Learning: Models, Critique, & Descriptive Feedback

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John Lydon

on 2 May 2015

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Transcript of Leaders of Their Own Learning: Models, Critique, & Descriptive Feedback

Students determine
the criteria for quality through
analyzing models in order to see the
view from the top of the mountain.
This process allows students to grapple
Within the classroom, norms

Before the summit can be reached, students work together to evaluate and
revise the best approach. Students cyclically
use both group and individual descriptive feedback to examine each step toward the peak where models have provided a view from the top, allowing them to realize their climb
toward the finish line.

Leaders of Their Own Learning
Models, Critique, & Descriptive Feedback
Criteria for Quality
Critique Lessons
Descriptive Feedback
will eventually come to life in their journey to the summit.

High Quality
(e.g., be kind, be specific, be helpful)
need to be established and practiced in order to develop a safe culture where critique and descriptive feedback are not only welcomed, but utilized as a driving force for the climb.
"We can tell students that their potential to learn is great, but they won't believe it, especially in areas in which they don't feel confident, until they actually see themselves improve. There is nothing that does this more effectively than when students work through multiple drafts, rehearsals, or practices and end up creating work or performing at a level that is beyond what they thought possible."
(pages 136-137)
with how the
High Quality Work
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