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Dolphins at daybreak

No description

Izabella and Carter Coughlin

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Dolphins at daybreak

Dolphins at Daybreak
In dolphins at daybreak there are two main characters the first one is Annie she is more of the adventurest kind of person she's my favorite, theres also her brother Jack he is a very smart person and he does not like to break the rules
In this book Jack and Annie land on a coral reef. They read a passage in their book that tells them that coral reefs are made up of millions of dead coral. While exploring the reef they find a mini-sub and spend most of the book under the sea in it.
They decide to get into the min-sub and go in the water. They go looking around at all the fish and plants in the sea. Soon the mini-sub gets hugged by an octopus. It causes a crack in the mini sub and water starts to come in. They needed to find a way to get back to the reef but there was a shark swimming outside the mini-sub. They had no choice they had to swim.
Jack read in his book that if they swam calmly and didn't splash they would not make the shark want to eat them. So they slowly got into the water and decided to do the backstroke. As they were swimming 2 dolphins swam up next to them and Jack and Annie held their fins. The dolphins helped them to shore and they were safe.
My Life
This book reminded me of a time when I went in a canoe with my Mom, Dad and Brother. We paddled out to an island and all got out to look around. All of a sudden my Mom yelled that our canoe got pulled off the shore. Some really big waves from a big boat made it come off. My Dad had to swim out to the boat and pull it back. We were so proud of him.
Written by:
Mary Pope Osborne

Live Coral
Coral Reef
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