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Bias Through Placement

No description

Marc Lawrence

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Bias Through Placement

Critical Attributes
Radio hosts talking for 25 minutes on an "important" topic but talks fast on things that they do not want people to hear or should hear.
During the 1989 - 1990 abortion rallies, the Washington Post published a 15-column space of the "pro-abortion" with several stories and articles while only 2 column was about "pro-life"
both issues were equally as big.

McDonald's burgers were shown w/cheese burger compared to a quarter pounder
Purpose is to appease audience rather than w/altered pic. of burger
Actual product of regular cheese burger is made in 1 min. = looks plain

Herelyn G, Jon M, Precious V, Marc B
Placing "important" articles first and "less" significant on the back
Ex: Info. that the author does not want you to hear will be put in the back
A story needs to be known
Certain info. = hidden
Significant topics are concealed
Example 3
star advertiser most recent news article talk mainly about rioters and looters in Baltimore

the cause of it was mention a little which was the death of a man name Freddie Gray who was mention a
little bit
in the article
Example 4
Example 5
Times Magazines shows so much importance on their front covers

Doesn’t show as much information and the story is too short

Deems info. less important even though it’s featured on the front page

Times Magazine
Thank you for listening!
- In the article it talks about the unimportant information in the beginning and in the end it gives out on who, what and when the assaulted had happens to the tw0 victim.
In Other Words
Placement of facts within a story
Occurs much more in print than broadcast media
It really doesn't matter where in the story the two sides are presented, just as long as they are given equal time and weight.
an article on the front page but the article only has a one-page spread and on the middle or the back of the magazine
In Other Words
Front cover shows importance of Afghanistan but flipping through the pages trying to find information about it
a photo during the 1989-1990 abortion rallies
looters and rioters prowl the street after Freddie Grays furneral.
Police Chief Louis Kealoha had suspect Officer Vincent Morre assaulted the two victims after the Video was shown at the game room.
Behind The Scenes
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