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Parikrama Massage & Wellness Terina Nelson

No description

Alberta Prezi

on 17 September 2018

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Transcript of Parikrama Massage & Wellness Terina Nelson

Welcome Terina Nelson
Coverage Map
Digital Marketing Options
Option 1 - Strong Exposure
Home Page Leaderboard position 1, 1 of 5 rotations
News Page Leaderboard position 2, 1 of 4 rotations

Monthly Investment: $656 + GST

Option 2 - Good Exposure
Home Page Leaderboard position 1, 1 of 5 rotations

Monthly Investment: $341 + GST

Option 3 - Cost Effective Exposure
Weather + Sports Page, Big Box Position 2-3 Shared, 1 of 8 rotations

Monthly Investment: $126 + GST

We appreciate you, Terina, for taking the time to meet with us to meet with Rob and I. On behalf of MIX107.9 / FortSaskOnline,
thank you
Golden West
We've been connecting communities for
with unwavering and unparalleled local service. Golden West is proud to be the local voice in
and cities across the prairies.

Creative Message

We are the Heartland’s ONLY live FM radio station and #1 local news source. Committed to community involvement, supporting local artist and music programs, while we’re playing great music and keeping the community up-to-date both on-air and online.

Hyper Local For You – FortSaskOnline.com is your local web portal that is dedicated to our area of the Heartland.

Our newsroom is the only one in Fort Saskatchewan with a dedicated 5 person newsroom allowing us to cover the news that matters today.

Mix 107.9 reaches your customer base. From Redwater to Sherwood Park and everywhere in between, no one covers our entire 156,000 person trading area like we do!

Parikrama Massage & Wellness
- You have been using numerous advertising mediums to no success: Coffee News, Yellow Pages, Facebook post boosts, etc

- Interested in learning about Golden West Broadcasting, MIX 107.9, FortSaskOnline and seeing local marketing options on both mediums

- End goal is to have 6 clinics in 6 hotels with Kanata

- Initial goal is to aim for 4 appointments a day, minimum, happy if 4 in 1st month

- Benefits?

- Co-op?
Founded on the promise of providing local information, and delivering content that reflects local needs and desires, Golden West has grown to serve dozens of communities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

Our coverage area reaches a trading area of 156,000

The Fort Saskatchewan trade area for retail spending is $646 Million!

Reach them Frequently
With Mix 107.9

Stream MIX 107.9 from ANYWHERE with internet access!

Cost sharing?

Products? Oils? Hotel? etc


Meet our co-op rep, Candice Hirsche

Thank you!
Which option did you like most?
Online Spec Ads
Leaderboard Ad
Big Box Ad
Radio Options
Option #1 - Sponsor Tags

TERINA: Hi, I’m Terina, owner of Parikrama Massage and Wellness, right here in Fort Saskatchewan. At Parikrama, we aim to achieve and maintain a higher existence with the essence of the whole body, mind and spirit harmonizing. We are unique, as we combine a clinical and holistic approach to maintain your individual health. You see, it’s about more than a simple massage, it’s about feeling good physically, mentally and spiritually. Did you know Parikrama means ‘an equal sequence of events?’ Start your journey of these events… today. To book, and for a complete list of services, visit Parikrama wellness dot com.
You'll receive: 3 X :07 Second messages per day, Monday to Friday attached to our local News, Sports and Weather!

Weekly Investment: $157.50 + GST per week.
Option #2 - Shop Local
Start your path to full branding and be proud to be a local business in Fort Saskatchewan!
You'll receive: 1 X :10 second commercial per day, every day, for 1 year, starting October 1st!
Your Investment: $1,800 + GST billed in October.
Option #3 - Vertical Commercial Schedule
Start telling your story, one day at a time! Use consistent frequency and grow from there!
You'll receive: 4 X :30 second commercials per day to run on the day and daypart of your choice

Campaign Value: $270 per week
Your investment: $180 + GST per week
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