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catching fire 2

No description

Haley Ayers

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of catching fire 2

By: Suzanne Collins Catching Fire Collins has been writing for children's television since 1991. She worked on Nickelodeon shows, and for preschoolers she did stories such as Little Bear and Oswald. Recently she wrote Clifford’s Puppy Days for Scholastic Entertainment. She met a man named James Proimos, who talked her into writing children's book. She then thought about the book Alice and Wonderland, and how children perceive it. Since in urban places " you are more likely to fall into a manhole than a rabbit whole". She wrote the story Gregor the Overlander, this is the first book in her fantasy/war series, The Underland Chronicles. After that series she started her nest series, The Hunger Games. This is an international best seller that will be made into a movie later on. Right now Collins is working on a children's book with James Proimos.
She lives in Conneticut with her family now Suzanne Collins The book is about Katniss who after winning the seventy-fourth Hunger Games, returned with Peeta home to district twelve. This is the poorest part of Panem. Katniss and Peeta are preparing to go on a victory tour of Panem, but haven't spoken since they won the Hunger Games. Peeta realized that Katniss's feelings for him were not there anymore but dragged on because of the front they have to put on for the capitol. After an attempt to convince the public of their love, President Snow decided to punish them in a discreet way; the Quarter Quells. This sends the victors in to fight again. You have to read the book to find out the rest. Summary Warfare
Competition Theme Setting Presented by: Haley Ayers Katniss and Peeta's home in district tweleve The capitol Quarter Qualle arena Background Information The Hunger Games is set about a hundred years in the future. World War III left the country razed. The survivors of the war got together and created the worlds only country Panem. In Panem there were thirteen different districts and the capitol, with each district having their own task to do. The capital are the richest of them all followed by district one, with twelve being the poorest. District twelve didn't follow in this scale since they were a weapon making district. The government was ruled by the dictator President Snow. District thirteen didn't agree with him and there started a war with Panem and thirteen. To remind the citizens of the governments power the capitol set up the Hunger Games.The games brought two people out of each district, and normally district one to three one since they were the richest. Katniss a girl who lives in poor district twelve. She volunteered for her sister who was picked during the reaping. Peeta Mellark was also was picked in and they won the 74th hunger games. Katniss Everdeen Main Characters Female tribute. District 12. Peeta Mellark Male tribute. District 12. Gale Other Characters Katniss's bestfriend/ lover Primrose Everdeen Katniss's Sister Katniss's Mom Haymitch Abernathy Peeta & Katniss's Mentor Effie Trincket Escort Caesar Flickerman Bonnie
Twill Rue's family Katniss's Designer Crew Stylist Flavius Octavia Venia Female tribute District 1 Gloss Male Tribute
Female tribute District 2 Male tribute Enobaria Brutus District 3 Female Tribute Beetee Male tribute Wiress District 4 Finnick Odair Male Tribute Mags Female Tribute Male Tribute District 6 Morphling Morphling Female Tribute District 7 Johanna Male Tribute Female Tribute Female Tribute District 8 Blight Woof Cecilia Male Tribute Chaff District 11 Seeder Male Tribute Female Tribute District 5 Unknown Districts District 9 District 10 Gamekeeper President Snow Head of Hunger Games Plutarch Heavensbee Dictator Darius Peacekeeper district 12
peacekeeper, who replaced cray in district 12 Romulus Thread Cinna Overall I think that the book was awesome. The suspense and thought that was put into the book was definitely worth it. The first book, Hunger Games, left the ending open to thought. There really was not an ending to Hunger Games. Catching Fire, on the other hand had me wanting to read and start the next one right away. I would recommend this book to people who love action and a lot of rising climaxes. This book will leave you on your toes, and I'm eager to read the last book. Analysis Speculative fiction
Young adult literature
Science Fiction
Adventure novel
Utopian and dystopian fiction
Alternate history Genres
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