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Student Ownership Packet

The Student Ownership Packet consolidates the tools necessary to manage a skills-referenced middle school Language Arts Class. Year 3

Jennifer Schuelke

on 29 August 2012

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Transcript of Student Ownership Packet

Student Ownership
Clear Learning Targets
Assessments Tied to Targets
Tools for Self-Assessment and Goal Setting
Tools for Assessment and
Ownership of Learning
Feedback tools
Begins with high expectations
No fluff. Effort is not the same as skill level.
Behavior is not included in LA grade.
All grading documents are tied to skills
Assignments are recorded on the assignment and skills tracking sheet along with skill levels.
It is very important for students to understand the vocabulary, so the expectation is clear. Students will record confusing words to their vocabulary list.
Assignment and Skill Tracker Page
Mode Manager
Self assessment is the key to student ownership.
Student must be able to understand and manipulate learning targets in order to identify weaknesses and set measurable goals.
Status of the class
Weekly writing plans
Weekly reading goals/graphs
Writing reflections with goals
3 and 6 week reflections with goals
Tools will be used consistently each Monday.
Students must be able to access the documents easily. Ownership Packets will be kept in student portfolio, but may be taken home at any point for parents to view.
Students must be able to articulate the process.
Assignment and Skills Trackers
Skill Graphs
On-time Performance
Reflections/goal setting
Status of the class charts
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