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No description

Morgan Phillips

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Comics

Ethan Phillips Putting in Pictures Saving and Printing Dialogue To get it on your device you can search it in the app store. It saves automatically!

For printing there is a little wrench in the corner and when you click on it a share and print button shows up, click on that.
Then there is a print button. You need to hook up the computer/device to a printer.
Now you can print your work! For dialogue there are all kinds of speech bubbles for you to use.
There is also a icon for the narrative rectangles. From Camera to Comics: Comic Life Reminder! There may be differences between the instructions and the way this app works on the computer because we based this presentation off of the app on an iPad. To put in your own pictures there is a icon in the corner that looks like a little mountain and sun. It will let you get a picture from a file.
If you want a picture from the internet, you have to save it onto your files.
To put in you own drawings, just scan them or take a picture of them. Lettering An app for making comics! To get it on your computer, just go to this site: http://comiclife.com/ Making Comics By: Scott McCloud This is the book that I used for the pictures on the next few slides. Lettering is used for titles. There is an icon that says "LETTERING". If you click on it a text box appears on the page. Write stuff in it. Then you can click on the i icon at the top the page. You can mess with the text by clicking options. Creating Visual Stories with 'Comic Life' Ex:
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