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Jack "Lord of the Flies

No description

Neil Sullivan

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Jack "Lord of the Flies

J.Greenfield-Jack-P 7 "Lord Of The Flies
"We'll build a pile. Come on"(pg 39 mid page)
Jack is a tall thin and bony boy from the schools Choir he has red hair, blue eyes, and can sing a "C sharp"

"inside the floating cloak he was tall,thin, and bony; and his hair was red beneath the black cap. his face was crumpled and freckled and ugly without silliness... two light blue eyes and turning to anger"
(pg 20)
"He snatched his knife out of the sheath and slammed it into the tree trunk. Next time there will be no mercy" (pg 31 bottom of page first two lines of last paragraph)
"i ought to be chief" said jack with simple arrogance" because i'm chapter chorister and head boy. i can sing sharp"(pg 22 4Th paragraph mid page)
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