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Riding Freedom

No description

David Truong

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Riding Freedom

Riding Freedom Written By
Pam Muno Ryan Drawing By
Brianm Selznick Prezi By
David Doan Truong Frustrated by the rules restricting her from horses and the domestic labor she is expected to perform at a nineteenth-century New Hampshire orphanage, Charlotte Parkhurst aspires to run away from controlling authority figures. Her talent with horses provides her a means to escape and seek freedom and adventure. Setting of the Story Charlotte when she is two years old as her parents' wagon crashes in rural New Hampshire. The area is rugged, with tree-covered hills, rocky ledges, and boulders, symbolizing her toughness. The "bumpy road" foreshadows Charlotte's trials. Charlotte's parents die when their wagon is dashed on rocks after their horses become spooked in a thunderstorm. Main Character Parkhurst, also known as One Eyed Charley or Six-Horse Charley, was born Mary Parkhurst in 1812 in Lebanon, New Hampshire, to Mary (Morehouse) Parkhurst and Ebenezer Parkhurst. Some reports say her first name was Charlene. He had two siblings, Charles D. and Maria. Charles was born in 1811 and died in 1813. His mother died in 1812. Some time after Charles died and prior to his father's marriage to Lucy Cushing in 1817, the two surviving children were taken to an orphanage in Lebanon, New Hampshire where they were raised by a man named Mr. Millshark. Upon leaving the orphanage he adopted the name Charley Darkey Parkhurst. Physical She looked half Native American and half white.
SHe had brown eyes and would have silcy black-brown
curly hair falling down her back. 2nd Character Freedom The horse that Charlotte raced with. And then
dide of colic. Summary Riding Freedom is based on the true story of Charlotte Darkey Parkhurst. The book begins with a tragic event in which Charlotte's parents die in a wagon crash, however, Charlotte miraculously survives. At age two, Charlotte is taken to an orphanage where her dominating owner, Mr.Milkshark, controls her. While at the orphanage, Charlotte takes a liking to the horses. All the horses adore and love Charlotte and were like family to her. Unfortunately, one day Mr. Milkshark forbids Charlotte from seeing or working with the horses. This event devastates Charlotte, which causes her to come up with a plan to run away so that she will have the opportunity to the live the life she had always dreamed of. With the help of Vern and Hayward, Charlotte disguises herself as a boy and successfully runs away. Charlotte continues to disguise herself as a boy and renames herself "Charley" in order to survive the hard times where women were not respected. Throughout the remainder of the book she faces challenges with strength and determination and does not allow any obstacles to get in her way of achieving her dreams. In the end, it is her special talent with horses as well as the help of a few kind people that helps her to accomplish the goals and dreams she had set for herself when she was a young girl. My favorite part was when a horse had twins it was really cool. I love all of the pitures they are really nice. I think that the story is kind of sad and kind of happy. Favortie Part Do I recomend this Book? Yes I do. Even though I am a boy this book teaches me that girls are really talented and have alot of skills to do probaly stuff that are better then boys. So I recommend that if you want to read a book about women back then read this book. About the Author Pam Munoz Ryan was born on Christmas Day 1951, in Bakersfield, California, the oldest of three daughters. Her parents, Esperanza Munoz and Don Bell, raised her in California's San Joaquin Valley surrounded by an extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins. Ryan's multicultural family broadened her awareness of how people live and think in other parts of the world. Her mother is the daughter of Mexican immigrants, and her father's parents are Italian. She also has Spanish and Basque ancestors. Ryan describes herself as an American because of her varied ethnic heritage. Ryan's maternal grandmother, Esperanza Ortega, spoke only Spanish, and Ryan became bilingual, appreciating how languages convey culture, history, emotions, and rhythm. Books Esperanza Rising
The Dreamer
Becoming Naomi Leon
Paint the Wind
Esperanza renace (Esperanza Rising) Awards Orbis Pictus Award
Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Award.
California Young Reader Medal
Teacher's Choice Award
Arizona Young Reader's Award
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