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ESL Program Overview

No description

Melissa Perrelli

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of ESL Program Overview

ESL Program Overview
What does the law say?
Required under Pennsylvania Regulations, Civil Rights Act, Equal Educational Opportunity Act and No Child Left Behind Act
State Regulation, 22 Pa. Code 4.26:
Every school district shall provide a program for each student whose dominant lanugage is not English for the purpose of facilitating the student's achievement of English proficiency and the academic standards under 4.12.
What is an ESL program?
planned instruction by a qualified ESL/Bilingual teacher

adaptations/modifications in the delivery of content instruction by all teachers based on the student's language proficiency level, the PA ELPS and PA academic standards

ESL programs must include provisions for the following steps:
Identification, Assessment, Instruction, Integration, Re-assessment, Documentation
How are ELLs identified?
Each student who enrolls in school must complete a Home Language Survey.

Students identified using HLS for potential placement must be assessed using the W-APT

Students may be exempt from assessment with two out of three of the following:
Final grades of B or better in core subjects
Scores on district-wide assessments comparable to Basic level on PSSA
Scores of Basic in Reading, Writing and Math on PSSA or equivalent out-of-state exam
What rights do parent/guardians have?
Parent permission to assess for eligibility is not required
Parents have the right to excuse children from specific instruction that conflicts with religious beliefs
Communication with parents must be in the parents' preferred language and mode communication
Parents have the right to notification of the following: initial assessment results, placement in ESL program, placement in Title III services, parental rights, annual ELP assessment results, program plan defining core program, exit criteria
Students must have access to meaningful, comprehensible instruction across all content areas
ESL programs must include daily instruction
ELLs are graded on the same grading scale as all other students
Students must be given access to all programs and services and be integrated with same-age peers
What rights do ELLs have?
How are ELLs assessed for English proficiency?
as part of enrollment, students who have been identified using the HLS are administered the W-APT
annually the State ELP assessment (WIDA ACCESS) is administered to measure English language proficiency progress
ELLs are also required to take the PSSA and Keystone exams (PDE provides allowable accommodations, updated annually)
What are the steps from identification to exit for ELLs?
Gather more data
Exit and Monitor for 2 years
Enroll in ESL program
Student does not qualify for ESL
Test Annually
New student completes HLS
administer the W-APT
check records from previous schooling
investigate anecdotal evidence of prior schooling experience
diagnose math skills and literacy
provide student with ESL instruction aligned to the aforementioned plan
instruction should be daily from highly qualified teachers and at the student's proficiency level aligned to the curriculum using Researched Based ESL best practices
adaptations to proficiency level must occur in the direct language instruction classroom as well as all other content areas
length of time for direct ESL instruction to be based on proficiency and needs of the student
students must be tested annually using the WIDA ACCESS test for English Language Proficiency
testing occurs around February
students who meet the following requirements will exit the ESL program and will be monitored for two years after exiting
monitoring consists of feedback from content area teachers and maintaining records showing that the student has reached the level of proficiency and is achieving at the expected level in class
districts create a plan for monitoring which is to consist of formal data collection methods
To exit the ESL program students must meet the following criteria:

1. Score of Basic on PSSA (comparable scores on out-of-state assessments may be considered)

2. Composite proficiency score of 5.0 on Tier C of the WIDA ACCESS for ELLs (W-APT scores of 5.0 in each domain are acceptable for students who scored below the cutoff on the January ACCESS; W-APT may only be given once per year)

Students must also meet ONE of the following in addition to the criteria above:

A. Final grade of C or better in core subject areas

B. Scores on district-wide assessments comparable to BASIC on the PSSA
all intake staff should be trained in the proper procedures for administering the HLS and the steps for identification of ELLs
part of the Infosnap process at CASD
Other requirements of ESL Core Programs
-levels and needs of the student must be communicated to all relevant staff

-instruction must be aligned to the English Language Proficiency standards

-Professional Development Plan for training and supporting teachers

-describe available opportunities, such as tutoring

-work towards instructional and social integration using various methods (access to programs, accommodate proficiency, communication with parents and staff, integration with same-age peers
LAWS and POLICIES referenced in creating the ESL Program Overview
Chapter 4.26, BEC 2001
No Child Left Behind 2001
Office of Civil Rights Title VI Civil Rights Act
Equal Education Opportunities Act 1974
Lau v. Nichols 1974
Casteñeda v. Pickard
Plyer v. Doe 1982
Core ESL Program Requirements Chart PaTTAN 2009

Provide Instruction
Ensure integration
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