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How do Birds Fly?

No description

Matua Vaughan

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of How do Birds Fly?

How do birds fly?
The forces of flight
What I used to think:
Birds fly because the person who created nature decided there should be something about flight.
I will use balloons
to see the effect of how fast a plane/bird is and how cool it is.
I will put a balloon on a straw then on a string, tie the end of the string that doesn't have the balloon on it to a chair.
Then I will blow the balloon up and hold the end of the string and let go of the straw.
There are four forces for flight:
Lift pushes the plane up.
The air makes the airplane go up.
Weight is the force that pulls the airplane
toward earth. It will keep its balance.
Thrust is the force that makes the airplane
go forward.
Engines thrust airplanes.
Engines can sometimes turn jets and propellers
it doesn't matter as long as wind keeps going over the wings.

Drag slows the plane down.
You feel drag when you walk
against strong wind.
What I have Learned:
Written By:
Caleb Robinson
By: Caleb Robinson
Ruma Wha
Wilford School
(With a bit of help from Mr Smith)
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