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the 1996 Madarganj to Mirzapur tornado

No description

on 18 April 2017

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Transcript of the 1996 Madarganj to Mirzapur tornado

Cold air came from the north and warm air came from the south and the air went into a rotation spin and the tornado formed.
The government failed to provide help. The hospital started to turning down people. The neighborhood areas had to help the people get back on their feet.
The relief:
80% of tornadoes are rated between EF0-EF1. This tornado was rated in category EF5. Some debris was proven to be thrown more than a mile away.
They did not have time to prepare for the tornado.
It was notable because it was the 3nd deadliest tornado in world history.
By:Andrew Rogers
The 1996 Madarganj to Mirzapur tornado
It left 30,000 homes totally damaged, 700 people perished and 32,000 injured. There were 100,000 homeless.
Human factors:
Global warning was a factor due to the increase of cars, trucks, and jeeps in the country.
A tornadoes power is measured 2 ways:
It went through Madarganj, Gopalpur, Kallhati, Basail, Shakipur, and Mirzapur.
The total damage cost was 14.4 million
Lesson learned: their country needs to be better repaired for the tornadoes.
1) Enhanced Fujita Tornado Intensity scale, which rates tornadoes from:
weak EF0-EF5 strongest
2) TORRO Scale , which rates tornadoes from:
weak EF0-EF11 strongest
They had Doppler radar which was effective for the detection of Meso-scale disturbances.Now they use NOAA weather radios , better radars , train local forecasters to maintain new equipment , warning on radio , tv , computers , and mobile devices.
It was a rural area and had big city in inside it.
Information received from www.grayflannel/suit.com listdose.com/10 & wikipedia.
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