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Lying in The Catcher in the Rye

No description

M. Kelly

on 1 January 2013

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Transcript of Lying in The Catcher in the Rye

Taylor Robinson
Madelyn Kelly Evidence Four Evidence Two Evidence Three Evidence One the telling of lies,
or false statements;
untruthfulness: Why Does Holden Lie? What is Lying? Holden lies to cover up how he really feels. He doesn't want people to see his true feelings. Holden is depressed and angry with society, and
part of this is because he hasn't let himself
come to terms with his brothers death. On the train Holden sits next to a woman, whose son goes to Pencey. Holden lies to her throughout their conversation saying his name is Rudolph Schmidt, and that her son is a nice guy.

He lies to her to present himself as someone different. This potentially isolates himself from people because he doesn't allow himself to be who he really is, or get close to people.

Chapter 8, pages 54-55 As Holden is at the sandwich bar eating his breakfast, he beings talking with two nuns. He gives a ten dollar contribution to the nuns and when asked, Holden says that he has "quite a bit of money".

As Holden knows this himself, he doesn't have that much to account for. With lying, he is able to make people believe that he has a different reality, and this is a defense mechanism because people don't really get to know him.
Chapter 15, page 110 Holden goes back to his house and sees Pheobe. He
tells her that "they let us out early" but she doesn't
believe him. She knows he was kicked out but he continued to lie saying, "Who said I got kicked out? Nobody said I...".

Holden lies so Pheobe doesn't get mad, because he cares about Pheobe's opinion the most. Holden doesn't want to make the one person he truly cares about mad at him.

Chapter 21, page 125 Lying Holden admits to lying frequently, saying, "I'm the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life."

Holden confesses that he lies a lot and he describes it as "terrible", but he can't help himself when he comes into situations where he can get away with lying.

Chapter 3, page 16
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