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Angel Falls

South America Project

jonathan lam

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Angel Falls

People can only get there by plane or boat, because the jungle is too thick
There's hiking on the mountain
Some people climb the cliffs
Some daredevils even parachute off the edge! ANGEL FALLS Timothy Forde
Jonathan Lam What is Angel Falls? History of Angel Falls How Does the History Impact Life There Now? What's It Used For? How does the Physical Characteristics affect the Way of Life? Angel Falls is best known for being the tallest waterfall in the world. It's 3,212 feet high, or 979 meters.
It's got the tallest free fall in the world at 2,648 feet, or 807 meters
It discharges into the Charún River
It's also known as Salto Ángel to the Spanish and Charún Merú to the natives Where is Angel Falls? Angel Falls is located on the southeastern region of Venezuela. Before Discovery: Present: Discovery: They called the mountains there tepuis, or table-top mountain (in Spanish was called a mesa) because they had flat peaks and steep hills. They usually were alone.
They called it the Charún Merú and the river the Charún River. The Pemon Indians lived there It was found in 1935 by Jimmy Angel He was the first white man to see it so it was named after him
He was a gold hunter and a pilot and was flying his Flamingo "El Río Caroní."
He tried to land, got stuck in a bog, and had to take 11 days to walk back the shallow side of the mountain
His plane was found and recovered many years later It's a major tourist attraction in the Canaima National Park.
Small planes carry tourists over angel falls and its surroundings.
It's been used by researchers to form the fictional "Paradise Falls" in UP. Angel Falls is currently one of the major attractions at Canaima National Park. Video on Angel Falls The falls attract much more tourism.
The thick forests only allow people to get there by boat or plane
UP's Paradise Falls were based off of the great Angel Falls, including the falls, forests, and especially the tepuis, with very steep sides. The Pemon natives named the river.
Jimmy Angel crashed there and it took him many days to return, so it the falls named in his honor. Directors of UP Coming up with Paradise Falls THANKS FOR WATCHING! Other Facts about Angel Falls Auyantepui, the mountain that has Angel Falls, is the largest of the tepuis, with it's top measuring 700 square kilometers.
Tepui means house of the gods in the Pemon language. Auyantepui means Devil's Mountain.
Tepuis usually really stand out because they're made of limestone and are usually single, not part of a mountain range.
The water falling down Angel Falls has to fall so far that it gets battered into mist by the time it reaches the bottom.
Angel falls is also home to the longest unbroken drop that is 2,648 feet(807 meters). It's in Canaima National Park which borders Guyana and Brazil and is the second largest park in the Venezuela.
It's located at 5 degrees north, 62 degrees west.
It's on the mountain Auyantepui, the largest tepui(mesa) which stands at 8,400 feet above sea level.
It's surrounded by thick forests.
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