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My IRT Prezi

this is my Prezi about the TITANIC!

hugo johannsen

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of My IRT Prezi

My information report WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TITANIC THROUGH OUT ITS VOYAGE? As you probably already know, the Titanic was a ship built in 1912 which sunk on it's first voyage, even though it was considered 'unsinkable'. The reason it did was because it crashed into an iceberg, resulting in a major loss of lives. 1500 men, woman and children died and only 700 survived! General Information MY BOOK REVIEW Parts of a Clay Mation Character Are there any questions? My Fine Arts RMS TITANIC RMS OLYMPIC HMHS BRITANNIC The Watertight Compartments Construction Second Class First Class Third Class Squash Court (First Class Only) First Class Dining Saloon Third Class Dining Saloon Third Class Smoking Room 1 of 2 Third Class Bathtubs (they looked better on the titanic when it was still afloat) The Titanic Hits an Iceberg at 11:40pm The making of my fine arts My Narrative Some Journal Entries 25/07/2012 Recess in 10 minutes. We all have to write a diary entry before we go out, even though we haven't done any IRT today! So I am just going to explain my ideas for my fine arts presentation. I am thinking of doing either a clay mation video, a painting or a sculpture. After recess I'll watch a few more documentaries on clip view about the titanic and do some notes. Then I'll search for a new website with info on the titanic. I know a lot already and think I am ready to start my information report, but I'll check out other information sites, just in case. Yay! I've finished my narrative and I just need to give it to Mrs Vitel. I have also almost finished my speech and prezi, plus my fine arts is done! I'm not as worried as I was before, so maybe I'll have agood presentation after all! 11/09/2012 Websites: My Bibliography Wikipedia www.britannica.com encyclopedia titanica www.titanic-facts.com Books: forget me not 882 1/2 questions about the titanic collision course Videos: Ghosts of the Abyss
Save the titanic with Bob Ballard
Titanic-histories greatest blunders Other
Maritine Museum titanic exhibition Quiz Time! (Just to see if you were listening!) At what time did the Titanic hit the iceberg? What were the titanic's sister ships called? How many people were on board? How many bathtubs were in third class?
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