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Jackie Lu

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Fetish

Group 3
Albert Deluna
Thao (Sue) Do
Ki Joong Kim
Jackie Lu
Perry Sem
Tam To
Sexual Fetishes and Paraphilias Fetishes & Paraphilias Lists of Common Fetishes Social and Psychological Aspects Associated with Fetishes Tend to be anti-social and introverted
Ashamed of their fetish
Associated with hypersexuality
Feel judged by society Sadomasochism The term was known first coined by psychiatrist Krafft-Ebing in 1890
Involves the sexual pleasure of giving or receiving pain
Behavior is common among females and homosexual males
Can lead to death in extreme cases
Those who participated in SM inflict pain either by whipping, suffocation, and tying themselves up as well as slapping, (may use whips, metal chains, etc..)
Viewed these activities as recreation separated from the rest of their lives.
the “Janus Report on Sexual Behaviors” written in 1993 showed that 14 percent of men and 11 percent of women have had some sexual experience with sadomasochism. Zoophilia History of Necrophilia Another case was of Adrian Exley, a British man, suffocated to death in a Rhode Island male inhabitant’s closet. He was wrapped tightly in heavy plastic and bounded with duct tape, with a leather hood over his head. Sometimes referred to as 'zoos' or 'zoophiles'
To be sexual aroused by animals
Most common animals in question are dogs and horses
Dates back to very ancient civilizations Sadomasochism
Cases Gary Aldridge, a 51-year-old Baptist minister from Alabama, died from accidental asphyxiation while pleasuring himself.
Adrian Exley, a British man, suffocated to death in a Rhode Island male inhabitant’s closet. He was wrapped tightly in heavy plastic and bounded with duct tape, with a leather hood over his head.   History of Zoophilia First known case of zoophilia was 5000 BC, evidenced by cave drawings.
Existed in prominent societies such as in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome.
Around 313 AD, Christian leaders gathered and took a stance on zoophilia, which has greatly impacted the way future societies saw zoophilia. Zoophilia Today Cases of Necrophilia An Interview with Karen Greenlee by Jim Morton.
Charges Dropped in Wisconsin Necrophilia Case
Edward Theodore "Ed" Gein Zoophilia is now illegal in 37 states
Not truly illegal in most other countries but still looked heavily down upon
Proponents of zoophilia (nonabusive) criticize the banning unconstitutional, unjust, and discriminatory
There has been almost no modern psychological studies on zoophilia since it is such a taboo field now. The dictionary definition of a fetish is something or some action that one gives excessive commitment towards object that an individual have special attraction to
Paraphilia are a smaller subset of fetishes that are extreme and harmful, almost always considered abnormal.
It is generally agreed that there is no one general reason why fetishes and paraphilias develop. Leather
Piercings & tattoos
Hair Sadomasochism Interview with Karen Greenlee Made national headlines when she drove off in a hearse and wasn't heard from for two days.
Karen Greenlee was charged with illegally driving a hearse and interrupting a burial.
How did you do it? Wisconsin Necrophilia Case On 7/22/10 Alexander Caleb Grunke (24) was charged for 3rd degree sexual assualt.
Nick and Dustin were caught digging up the grave.
Lauren Tennessen Greek word(s) "Nekros" dead & "philia" love. Practiced by the early ancient egyptians.
However, sporadic events of necrophilia across time 3 Different types of Necrophiliacs 1. Necrophiliac Homicide 2. "Regular" Necrophilia 3. Ex: Ed "The mad butcher" Gein
Convicted Murderer and Master of Body Snatching Necrophiliac Fantasy ex: guy from the block, the person next to you, your best friend etc. ex: YOU! Edward Theodore "Ed" Gein was an American murderer and body snatcher. His crimes.
committed around his hometown of Plainfield, Wisconsin.
confessed to killing two women.
corpses from local graveyards and fashioned trophies and keepsakes from their bones and skin. Psychological reasons 1. Low Self Esteem

2. Exposure to corpse
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