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chat prezi 2

uhh... i ran out of room...

Tiana Osborne

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of chat prezi 2

hello and welcome to the new prezi. please sign in. Shade Names nameless gaylord http://prezi.com/wjqwljtjmfaj/edit/?auth_key=9uznf26&follow=okytxwhfefq2 about the little stories i write... those characters... i created them. they are figments of my own imagination. it was really hard for me to admit that :| so anyway... they each have their own personality, kind of like gods personalities, but i DO NOT have split personality disorder, just a boundless imagination. <3
im thinking of writing more little side stories like that, but ill stop if you guys think theyre stupid, so please tell me if you think theyre stupid and ill stop :).
heres some info about them;
nameless- undoubtedly a perv of the highest level, he was the first of the three to barge into my mind uninvited. he has a rivalry with gaylord for rags love.
likes include: torturing ragnorok, dr pepper, dub step (guh...) orgies, and surprisingly, lilies.
dislikes: gaylord, sweets, screamo music
gaylord- gay guy who runs around in a little pink speedo most the time. he has a crush on ragnorok and constantly competes with nameless for his attention.
likes: capturing ragnorok, tea, shopping, mochi, romance novels, light rock, and gardening.
dislikes: having his hair messed up, others talking to rag, metal music
ragnorok- a demon who showed up out of nowhere one day. not much is known about him. had a brief marriage to gayette.
likes: killing, plotting destruction, castle life, power over others
dislikes: intimate relationships, being captured by nameless and gaylord, social situations, gayette. nameless gaylord *with clothes!* ragnorok *normal form* Ragnorok (true form) omigod i just remembered... the poems god wanted! i found them! theyre kinda sucky i know, but here they are. story of my life she told me to express myself
and so i wrote this poem
of many meek and mildness
found within my home

my brain is full of mush
and my ears are full of fluff
i used to have a heart i think
now theres just dark stuff.

i do as i am told
and nothing otherwise
not unlike a vampyre
whos manners i despise

i have a reputation
though im really not sure why
for looking dark and dreary
watching ravens fly

all within this poem
is the story of my life
its quiet and unfriendly
full of needless strife boredom life is so boring sometimes
it just seems to get worse
with every beat of your heart
and every twitch of your muscles
youre just getting closer to the end

im surrounded by people
some young and some old
but i couldnt feel more alone
then when im surrounded by THEM
all these empty headed youths

the knife inches ever closer
every cut just gets a little bit deeper
im getting close to the vein now
maybe i should stop...
or maybe i simply won't

my life has its high points
dont get me wrong
but with all the impending doom
and everlasting darkness
its hard to notice the little points of light

so i look to the moon and tell myself:
im just like the moon
a point of light in the sky
big and bright among the stars
and someday theyll all see that...

or not. disturbed i have thoughts inside my head
that normal people find distrubing
but in my mind it makes perfect sense
everyone else is just too dense

i admit my thoughts are odd some border on insanity
but have no fear my will is good
i dream what no one else ever could

disturbing thinking rises up
and receades just like a tide
but unlike how the ocean moves at noon
my thoughts are not controlled by the moon

these thoughts are ever present
theyll never go away
and so ive gotten used to it
my mind is like a bottomless pit

ive had them all slapped out of me
ive tried all sorts of gerbal tea
but no matter where i go
the thoughts are right there with me

so i look out a window
and imagine another life
a life full of friendlly people
and meaningless happy thoughts

so i wish and so it seems
that life just wasnt meant for me. glass i see within the night
a shadow i suppose
a ghost, a ghoul, a shade
for sure we'll never know

a vampyre? or medusa?
a giant? or a centaur?
i see it though the window
staring at me with eyes all aglow

it doesnt move
not nary and inch
it simply stares at me
and i back at it

long into the night it stares
and i keep staring back
till i finally stop and realize
a windows' made of glass... demons we all have our inner demons
they tell us to do misdeeds
but when these demons force themselves on us
we obey because we tell ourselves we must

free will has no meaning
its trying to put out fire with wood
the longer you try to resist
the tighter you angrily clench your fist

sometimes you are lucky to find
something to distract you from these beasts
but all too soon its just begun
and suddenly youre back to square one

from the depths of your soul
to the tips of your fingers
the demons always waiting inside
for the spark of evil you just cant hide

look inside, i think youll find
just within the darkness of your mind
the demons have been far too kind
to allow you to stay sane for so long

insanity settles in
the line between good and evil begins to blur
all you memories begin to fade
thanks to the decisions you have made. Lord Ragnorok one of these links will allow you to edit this prezi. choose wisely :) hahaha... sky child will get it :) hey, just wanted to clarify a couple things...
one, i dont walk around in a speedo anymore, nameless tied it to a flagpole in warren.
now i just wear semi regular clothing i stole from namelesses closet <3.
also... we all have true forms, shade just doesnt know it yet. and i shall not reveal them until it is absolutely necessary!!!!!
and raggy loves me way more than nameless, so there really is no competition for his love :)
other than those few quirks, the information is surprisingly accurate! if you have any questions for me, gaylord, feel free to ask them below and i will do my best to answer them :):):) hey i got stuff to say 2 about that shit up there.
#1, ragnorok loves ME more not gaylord. i give him anything he could ever want and EVERYTHING in the sack. he luvz it.
yah, i did put gaylords speedo up a pole... but cud u blame me!? it was funny as hell!!!!
uuuhh.... other than that the info wuz pretty rite i am kinda pervy sumtimes. not my folt. i likes to spell things rong.
any questions ask below ... i am Lord Ragnorok.
i have very little to say about the information enclosed above, other than the fact that almost all of the things about me were accurate.
i do dislike gayette and am still in mourning for our relationship, but i am moving on and dont plan on marrying again. it was worse than hell.
it is true, my "true form" is a dragon, but i am not the only one with "true form". nameless and gaylord have them as well, but not even i know what their forms are.
if any questions ask below. Jesus Ninja God Aka Raggy Gayette This is funny..sorry Shade..but it was... thank you for your continued support!
if you have any suggestions or requests for stories, type them below and i will do my best.
other than that... blahblahblah! :) that is the only time i will ever save shade... glad you enjoyed it. My story is a long one, full of pain and sorrow, the most of which being mine.
It begins in a small village in the northern part of Wallachia, or what you would now call, Romania.
It was a peaceful village most days, until the day the lord would come to collect the grain for the castle through the winter. He would only leave us with barely enough to get through the winter, but one year he didn’t even leave us that.
My mother was the most beautiful maiden in the village, her father being the owner of the water wheel which resided next to the river on the outskirts of the village. She was kind and thoughtful as well as beautiful, and many of the village men coveted her. However, she was still unmarried even at the age of 17, as she had told her father she wasn’t yet ready to marry and preferred to stay with him at the house with the water wheel.
The father adored his daughter and gladly complied with her wish to stay home with him instead of getting married. This was strange to the villagers. In this village, like most other villages, it was customary for girls to marry at the age of thirteen and be bearing children soon after. However, she said she would like to marry for love, not for the need of stability or money.
The father was happy to keep his daughter at home with him. She helped him run the water wheel to grind the wheat, entertained him with stories she had heard around the small market while getting corn for dinner, and most of all, filled a space in his heart from when her mother had died giving birth to her. He was determined not to let anyone take that away from him, no matter what the cost.
One day in late autumn the messengers from the castle arrived in the village telling them the lord would soon send soldiers in to take what they would need for the winter. It was rumored the this winter would be long and harsh, but the villagers didn’t know how the simple messengers would know this, and so discounted their claims.
Five sunrises later, the soldiers from the castle arrived to take the things they would need for the coming winter, wheat, corn, livestock… and one of the soldiers happened to cross paths with my mother, carrying water from the well up to the water wheel house.
The soldier inquired as to why such a beautiful maiden such as herself was living in such a poor village. She kindly replied, “Keeping my father company, and helping run the water wheel of course!”
He continued to say that one of her beauty should not be reduced to such mans work, and she insisted she was alright with working as long as it passed the time and made money for bread the next week. The soldier was puzzled at her optimism, and so went on to tell her of the long, cruel winter ahead of them in the village. Mother, ever cautious, decided to believe the soldier.
He continued to say that the lord would likely be more than happy to accommodate her in the castle through the winter if she were to ask politely. She thought about this offer. “Sure it would be nice to live in a castle for the winter, but what of father?” she thought to herself. Mindful of her father’s health and wellbeing, she declined this offer, bid the soldier a farewell, and walked to the water wheel house in thought.
Later that night, the soldier told the lord of the beautiful maiden he had seen and spoken to, and the lord, being a young bachelor, was interested. That same night, mother spoke to her father about what the soldier had said about living in the castle for the winter. H was secretly glad she had declined the offer, but he insisted that she should have taken the suggestion to heart. He hated seeing her grow thin every winter because of the lords’ apparent need of everything in the village for himself.
She also told him of the soldiers warning of a very hard winter this year, as the messengers had already said. The father was uneasy with the news of the winter, but he had a secret stock of wheat should their rumors be true. He had taken a little of each villagers grain and stashed it away in the loft, taking care not to take so much as to be noticed and anger the villagers. He doubted it would be enough though, the soldiers had taken much more this year than expected.
He urged his daughter to ride to the castle the next day using their horse, which was usually used for transporting large sacks of grain, to ask the lord to make good on the soldiers offer.
She was unsure at first, but seeing the genuine concern on her father’s face, she agreed.
The next day, she saddled her horse for the first time since she had turned fourteen, made sure she had on her most presentable clothing, and rode in the direction of the north, to the castle where the lord, unknown to my mother, was eagerly awaiting her arrival.
She arrived at the front gates many hours later, just as the sun was hitting its highest point in the sky. The soldier inquired as to whom she was, and she responded, “Angelice, just a simple village girl come to seek the lords audience for a brief moment.”
Struck by Angelices’ beauty, the soldier saw no harm in taking her to the lord for a brief introduction at least, and so lead her into the castle after instructing a stable boy to put up her horse in the small shed next to the castle gates.
Upon opening the gates, Angelice laid her eyes on the huge expanse of the castle for the first time in her life, awestruck by the sheer size of it.
She had never before seen such a huge structure, which looked like it could rival the great Mount Vesuvius told of in peddlers’ stories in height. Even the courtyard within the keep was huge and filled with the dying plants of summer, and a small pond tucked away to the far left of the outer walls. She saw that the pond had a statue in the middle of it, probably of the lord himself.
The soldier allowed her to take it all in for some time, and when she came back to her senses, he accompanied her to the great oaken doors which lead to the inner recesses of the castle. That would be where the lord waiting for her.
He led her through the many halls of the castle, and she enjoyed walking about in such a refined manor. She looked upon the art that decorated the walls, and the gold trim that marked the corner of each successive door with envious eyes. “If only father could see such wealth!” she thought. She would be sure to tell him of it once she was home.
They finally arrived at the throne room, where the lord was awaiting this beauty a soldier had spoken of the night before. He was skeptical of the soldiers’ words though. How could a soldier truly know and appreciate beauty? Nevertheless, he had agreed to see her, for he was currently looking for a young woman to take as his lady.
The moment his eyes fell upon her, he noticed that she was indeed beautiful in comparison to the other village women. But was this beauty worthy of the title “lady”? He locked his eyes upon her and studied her actions intently as she was led in front of the throne by a soldier whose name he had forgotten.
“My Lord, I am sorry to disturb you, but this young woman has kindly requested an audience with you.” The soldier informed the young lord.
“I see this. Her request will be granted, I shall see her. You may leave.” He told the soldier, settling back in his throne of black stone.
The soldier put his hand to his heart as he bowed, and walked away from Angelice and out of the room, leaving her all alone in the middle of the great expanse of floor before the throne. She was nervous and excited at the same time, and very unsure of what to say to the lord staring at her from his vantage point just above her on a platform where the throne sat.
“You’ve come to seek refuge from the village for the winter, correct?” he asked before she could say anything.
She replied, “Yes, a soldier told me that you might be willing to house me until the winter lets up. Was this true?” she asked politely.
The lord contemplated what to say for a brief moment while he observed her manners, then, “I have only one room to spare that is not being taken by soldiers and servants. You may have that room.”
Angelice was excited beyond words that she would be able to stay in a castle. She thanked the lord profusely, and after some time went back to the village to tell her father of this development.
The father was excited for her as well. He helped her pack the things she would need for the winter at the castle, said his final good-byes to his daughter who he would not see until the next spring, then watched her ride off to the north until she disappeared into the horizon. He slowly walked back into the house and started boarding up the windows against the storms that would surely come soon, while thinking about what it would be like if the lord had fallen for her over the long cold months to come.
“Perhaps that is the better life for her” he thinks to himself continuing his work. This however, is not what happened at all.
The winter was just as ruthless and unforgiving as the messengers and soldiers had foretold, perhaps even worse. The old man at the water wheel house however, was doing much better than the other villagers thanks to his stash of grain and the food that was supposed to sustain Angelice which instead went to him in her absence.
He missed her all the same though. She would normally talk and joke with him all winter long while they waited out the cold in their home together. This was his first winter all alone in the house by the river.
He was overjoyed when the sun finally broke through the black clouds of winter, signaling that spring would soon turn mud into fresh lush grass, and that his precious daughter would before long return to the little house with the waterwheel.
Every day he watched the horizon for his daughter on their old reddish brown mare, and every day he went back to his house disappointed. Until one day, just when the blue birds were beginning to sing again…
The old man looked up from working the ice out of the water wheels main gear to see his daughter riding toward her home with great haste. He froze for a minute, more still than the ice he was chiseling away, and a huge grin broke out on his old suntanned features. He dropped the chisel and hurried down the latter to welcome his cherished daughter home.
She stopped in front of the house and dismounted the mare with speed as she ran toward her father, whom she had missed so much during her stay in the castle. She embraced him once he had climbed safely down the precarious latter and rushed toward her mumbling things like, “Welcome, so glad you're home” and “I missed you so much, dear.”
She told him she had missed him greatly as well, and suggested they both go inside to talk for the first time in months, to which the old man said the months passed by like years without her company.
They both entered the house and started exchanging stories of the past winter. The father told of snow that was halfway up the doorway and icy rain that pounded the boarded up windows at night, while the daughter told of her experiences in the castle; a wonderfully warm soft bed filled with feathers, talking to the guards on occasion, and getting to know the lord of their little village very well.
The father was telling her about when the extreme wind almost ripped the water wheel right off the little house, when he noticed a shadow had come over the girls face. He inquired as to why this was.
She said it was nothing for him to be worried about, then asked something she had never asked him before; when she would be married.
The father was taken aback at this. His daughter had always been adamant about marrying for love, not for money or circumstance, so why now would she ask such a thing?
She said she had simply realized how lonely she was in the castle all by herself in that room much of the time, and had want for the pleasure of lifelong companionship.
The old man processed this, and was happy for his daughter finally being open to being married. It disturbed him, though, that she had apparently given up on finding love first before marriage. He told her that he knew of a young man just over a year older than her that would likely be overjoyed at the prospect of marrying her, and the daughter looked happy and relieved at this. The old man wondered what there was to be relieved about, but nonetheless was pleased to see her smile again after so many months of her absence.
Later that same day the old man went to see the boy in question for his daughters’ hand. The boy was a bit puzzled at first, but then agreed wholeheartedly to wed his daughter whenever he would like. The old man told him what his daughter had told himself earlier that day; within the week, or if possible, within the day.
The boy was very surprised at this, but agreed to it anyway. Together, they both went to the small chapel in the middle of the village to ask the priestess when she would have time to perform a wedding ceremony, to which she responded, “I will have some time tomorrow at noon. Does that fare well with you?”
The boy and the old man nodded yes, and parted ways at the chapel doors. One to go tell his family tomorrow he will be wedding the most beautiful girl in the village, and the other to tell his daughter that the marriage would take place tomorrow at noon.
All went as planned, and the next day Angelice was happily married to Stefan, the apothecary’s son. This worked well for Angelice, who secretly stirred some lavender into her milk every night. Lavender was used to rid women of their unborn children.
However, she had been ingesting small amounts of lavender for three months when she began to notice signs that she was with child. This couldn’t be, for she had been doing everything in her power to prevent this child from coming to be, and yet… she knew deep in her heart that her attempts were in vain.
Four moons later, she gave birth to a very healthy and strong baby boy, even though it had only been seven months since she had been married to Stefan. Stefan blamed it on her working too much and not resting enough, while Angelice simply stared at the newborn in her arms. The baby had not yet cried, and at first the midwife had thought the thing dead, but its eyes were wide open, taking in the world around it with what seemed like intelligence in those almost crimson orbs.
Stefan was almost afraid for the child’s health and called the priestess in for advice on the matter. The priestess said she would need to examine the baby in order to tell if it would live or not, having spent only seven months in the womb of Angelice. The moment she laid eyes on the child she knew it was too big to be two moons early for delivery, but she kept that to herself. Perhaps they hadn’t waited until they were married like most other couples did.
Upon examining the baby closer, she noticed that the boys hair was red, though his father’s was mousy brown and mothers was brown and blond. His eyes were also red, but that would probably change in the next few days as he developed. The one thing she noticed the most about this newborn was that it wasn’t crying, sleeping, or fussing like most babies did this new to the world. It simply sat there in the cloth in the crook of his mothers arm staring at her. She could almost swear he was looking into her eyes as if to say, “Stop staring at me and go away.”
There was something about this child that did not sit well with the priestess, but she gathered her supplies and started the naming ceremony nonetheless. She asked the new mother what his name would be.
“Dracul cel Rau.” she replied softly, almost too quiet to hear. Shade and Lord Ragnorok proudly present: The Story of Lord Ragnorok
Destroyer of Worlds rag! im bored. tell me a story. why should i tell you a story? cuz im bored of course. ... no. go entertain yourself some other way. why dont you ever tell stories!? im always the one writing stuff on here for Ninja to read! (i think shes the only one who actually reads them) ... fine. if it will get you off my back, then i will tell you a story. yay! what kind of story is it? i dont know. what would you like to hear? ... tell me about yourself. youve been in my head for well over a year and i hardly know anything about you. gimmy your back story. ...alright. ... I DONT GET IT. what dont you get? that story wasnt about you at all! it was about a girl! i said at the beginning she was my mother. but who is this Dracul person? is he your brother? ... wait.... ....? your... thats your real name? ... so you got it after all. your real name is Dracul cel Rau? its not Lord Ragnorok? Lord Ragnorok was a name i took later in life. and you were HUMAN!? WAS human. i later transformed myself into full demonic form. :0 thats the best story ever. but it was kind of long and boring... your the one who asked for a story. >:( i know... :) whatever. im sure no one else will care. I care! me 2 go away! fine god. gods not on here. you know what i meant! Meg I read it and it was a little wordy but good..and I talk it Lord Ragnorok or should I say Dracul cel Rau's father was the lord in the story.. Sky Child WHO IS THIS PERSON...? hey meg im sky child and dangit i was here first so i got seniority on you >:P good job. yes he was my father as i found out later in life. does that mean u was born a bastard child? ... yes, i suppose that is what i was. but i got revenge on him so im not too unhappy with it at this point. i like this guy! LOL, I need a nickname or something... Hi, sky child, I like your name! <3 I don't care if you have seniority, because i'm going to stick around whether you like it or not! :P I'm a friend of Shade, Ninja, and God. :D I would've been on here sooner, but prezi wasn't cooperating with me over the summer.. >:( Sky child be nice to meg...shes a nice person.... Ninjas project: pleas don't mess with. North Italy- God

Japan- Shade

America- Jesus

Germany- Ninja

France- Nameless

China- Nikki

Britin- Erik

Russia- Kassidy

Sealand- Meg

Ukraine- Sally-chan

Belarus- Gaylord

The Netherlands: Sky Child

Romania- lord Ragnorok

Greece- Nick

Egypt- Patrik Who we have so far.. Who we need... South Italy-
Hong Kong-
Grandpa Rome -
Holy Roman Empire- sky child you be nice or i will stop talking to you. is that really a threat? if its sky child, yes it is a valid threat. ... thanks sky child, but i do NOT like you. THIS IS FOR MEG AND ANY ONE ELSE INTERESTED IN SIGN LANGUAGE!!! hehe i feel so loved ^_^ everyone's coming to my defense.. you are loved sealand!!! dont let sky child get to you, hes actually a nice guy. he sounds nice ^_^ (yes, talking about you when you started this conversation =3) i was just being overly defensive on purpose. :D THANK YOU SHADE!!! pleh pleh!!! nameless, why you face taste so bad!? pleh!!! I thought it was cute ^-^ and i think
its funny that Germany is the one with
perverted dreams not Italy...lol..its cute... Adorable... so freaking adorable... :) so you all sleep together? o_O
tha--- tha--- *nosebleed* thats hot... thats what u get for trying to eat my face! u haz no idea were its ben!!! >:) ill say this tho... its got somthin to do with raggy. >:D im not a nice guy, im tough, mean, and will stomp anyone who gets in my way. and he's allergic to mint too apperently ^_^ MEG!!!!
raggy wrote this. hes a novelist i think :/ whats hot? dont you sleep with your friends? :) ask a question for shade here. ask a question for meg here ask a question for ninja here. ask a question for sky child here. ask a question for god here. ask a question for jesus here. ask a question for gayette here. WHY ARE YOU NOT ON HERE VERY OFTEN!? GOT QUESTIONS??? GET ANSWERS!!! i-i- i didnt think that was NORMAL.... where are you? ... *passes out from massive nosebleed* Yeah, I read a bit of it last week, but I was kicked out of the library, and I haven't had a chance to finish it yet... but it's good so far! (Meaning that it's well-written) Rag, I think you should definitely write more. :D uh huh, i'm sure you'll do that sky child... *rolls eyes* So what u both got nosebleeds... shees shade i didnt think u could ever get one... i can answer this one ^-^
she dosent have internet at home!!! y i no get question? your not interesting. >:P Well written my foot. I only wrote it so Shade would leave me alone. oh. my bad :) dont you roll your eyes at ME meg. your the one who thinks man-rape is funny. :P aww come on, why not!? you jealous about how much i talk to shade? hahaha, you jelly. so you ARE a fan of... well how should i put it? umm... yoai.
OH MY GOSH... SHADE IS A YAOI FANGIRL!!! I KNEW IT!!! hmm... are you one of those people who think get off on the thought of someone sitting on your face nameless? i could help you with that >:) Well, I'm glad you wrote it. It's nice knowing more about you.. :) ....and your point is?.. :P
i'll roll my eyes at you whenever it pleases me to do so!
...and i didn't say that man-rape is ALWAYS funny.. but that particular situation was, to me Shade and Ninja hated it because they said it wasnt about me, it was about my mother. Whatever. Shade wanted an origin story, she got one. o_O uhh... what? Shut up Sky Child. So much hate for you... and i am not jealous. I share Shades mind, so why would i be jealous about talking to her? well fine then. you like yaoi too? ahaha i bet everyone on here does. i dont understand what that means sky child. then look it up. umm... wow ive met peepl with sum weerd kinks but damn... never expected that from u sky child!!! did you kill him? oh i did worse than kill him. Shade presents: The Question hey, so i wonder what happened yesterday with the green pepper incident... green pepper incident? yeah, i saw a green pepper during hort. remember? and i locked raggy in his room cuz i dont know how i would have reacted. oh yeah... so did you freak out again? no. luckily i locked rag in his room so i didnt really react. oh. then what? well, i felt kinda bad for raggy so i put nameless in there with him. Why would you do that to nameless!? do what? do you even know how raggy reacts to green peppers?! not exactly... it makes him--- i know dont say it!!!! violent. i know! wait, violent? violently... umm... *giggles* what do you mean violent? i mean he will tear just about anyone to pieces if he sees a green pepper. by how do you mean? raggy can be a very... umm, PASSIONATE lover after seeing a green pepper. oh... so like he hits them or something? hits, claws, scratches, BITES... oh my... yes. it gets interesting. and how would you know all this? do you know why raggy never comes to my room? no... because i love green peppers. i have my own little stash in my room. why? well, they taste good, they keep me fit and skinny, and theyre really good when i need... contact. contact? when i get lonely i just show up at raggys room with a green pepper in hand, and when he answers the door... ... well? i just hold it up and he pulls me into his arms and into his room like a maniac. ... did i really want to know that...? yeah for those times when your lonely! no way dude! thats too weird i mean hes in my head! do you know how awkward that would be!? well, just in case... i kinda feel bad for putting nameless through all that now... dont worry about it hes used to harsh treatment. i dont wanna hear what he did in his past life!!! well all im saying is hes used to having rather violent encounters with strange men. tmi dude. i dont wanna know what he used to do or who he used to do! all i know now is that hes been... doing weird things to rag for a long time now and that rag still doesnt like it. well actually its quite the contrary. what? youve got it backwards silly. what? but i thought that nameless was... umm... how do i put it... the man? well, yeah i guess. you might be surprised if you would just ask. why would i ask an awkward question like that!? well, if the two ever plan on going further in their relationship you should probably know who will be wearing the wedding gown right? ... i wonder if their still going at it... i havent heard anything in a while... you should go see. i have to go to the mall for some new clothes because you RUINED mine. how was i supposed to know they were dry clean only!? whatever. see you later shade. good luck getting your answer. *walks out the door* bye. (great. got nothing to do and that questions going to be bothering me all day.) *looks around the room for something to do* *sighs* might as well ask. theres no harm in asking right? to be continued! Oh dear... that's a revelation! 3:) i've never heard of this, but i might like it... Rosy Red Raggy Rages in Romania! no, im writing a story called Ragnoroks Romanian Rampage!!! WHAT IS THIS...? curious??? well then, all you have to do is go to this website: http://www.gogoanime.com/junjou-romantica/1/ not interested in anime? fine! you can read it too, at: http://www.fanfiction.net the first is obviously an anime website and the anime on the link may rot your brain. you have been warned. the second is a website where people write their take on things like shows, videogames, and books. many of the storys twist characters around and much of the resulting stories are pairings of characters. this isnt for you if you dont want to twist your vision of a favorite movie or game forever. oh... i guess i cant deny that then! :) yes! awesome! so... nameless can't move for the next couple days because of the green pepper incident. Discuss. owie this huuuuuurts... y would u do this to me shade i thot we were frends! why on earth would you think that !? >:( :D ... y dont u say somthin already raggy!? ... guess he has nothing to say on the subject. well he shud! do u hav any idea what what happened behind raggys door that day!? i have a good idea. then y dont u say somthin raggy!? huh!? ... if ur not gonna say nothin then get out!!! ive had just about enuff of u!!! nameless-- no! u get out rite now! nameless--- u had ur chance to tok now just get out! looking at u makes my @$$ hurt! NAMELESS I'M SORRY. wud u just get-- wha? *stunned silence* I'm sorry. ur... sorry? for wut? For all this. *motions to bandages* ... oh. ... (ive never heard the great Lord Ragnorok apologise to ANYONE, let alone NAMELESS.) ... so... u R sorry? Yes, I am truly sorry, Nameless. ruh- really!? u actually care!?! I wouldn't go that far, but seeing you like this, I feel like I owe an apology. ... well... uh, thanks i gess... How much longer do you have to stay here? ... i dunno. shade was supposed to call the nurse a wile ago... *smacks forehead* THATS what i forgot! see you guys in a minute. *door shuts quietly* *stares at the door* *turns to nameless* so hows your... umm... my butt? its fine i guess. not as bad as it was after i woke up yesterday. thats good... yeah. its getting better if i just dont... well, MOVE. its kinda hard tho. ... (ack why did i say that!? now its awkward!!!) *reaches for water bottle* I'll get that. *gets water bottle for nameless* oh, uh, thanks... *takes a drink* *continues looking out the window* umm... so ragnorok... i have a question. yes? alright. what is it? umm... why does seeing green peppers do that to you anyway? ... I dont really know. Some demons have their querks, and i suppose that would be mine. oh... ... *looks back out the window* but ragnorok... yes? your do.... uh, like me... right? oh, umm... *trails off* thats ok, you dont havta answer if you dont want to. Thanks. ... whats so interesting outside anyway...? oh, the cherry trees are blooming again. what does that mean? i think it means that shade is content with the world at the moment. oh. remember that time she got pissed and it rained ashes for days? yes, that was the day we pushed gaylord to the ground and told him to make an ash angel. hahaha, he got so mad at us for ruining his clothes! that was the best day ever! *smiles hugely* yes, i suppose it was a good day. *smiles* *gasps* *instantly serious* what happened? did you tear something when you laughed? no, its just... ive never seen you... smile... *angry* what does that mean? what? nothing! what, the demon lord has no right to smile? no, thats not what i meant-! well what did it mean then? why are you being so defensive all of a sudden?! because you dont think i can smile! why wouldnt i be able to smile!? well shades always telling me that when i make faces at her that my face will get stuck that way! i thought that happened to you! that has got to be the dumbest thing ive ever heard. hey! you say the dumbest stuff sometimes nameless. *angry*not like what you say when your--! i give up! your impossible! *under breath* thats not what you said when you were behind me... ugh. i'll be leaving now. *crosses room, grabs door knob* what about all those things you said? you would do well to forget them, i didnt mean any of it. not even that you love the smell of my hair? ...especially that part. *opens door, exits* *stares at the door. sighs, looks out the window* (im so stupid. the one time he comes to see me, and even apologizes, and i ruin it.) hey nameless! the nurse wasnt around but she gave me instructions through the phone so-- whats wrong? oh nothing. hmm. why did rag leave? you guys seemed to be getting along so well... we had a... disagreement. oh. well, he did look kinda pissed. yeah... anyway, heres what i gotta do, i gotta put this stuff on your face so the cuts heal up faster... its gonna sting so brace yourself. *hisses in pain* told you. its not stinging its burning. oh. well, sorry bout that. how much longer do i have to stay here? oh i dont know. the nurse said maybe five six days? *groans, puts head against pillow* oh well. at least you get an excuse to lie around all day for a while. shut up shade. just- shut up. the end Shade presents: Visiting Nameless Rageful Rose-scented Rag Revolutionizes his Rampages in Romania! ...you could be a telemarketer or something... but when I get a chance, I'll look at this! I promise! :D ohhh nameless, rag... =/ NAMELESS, ARE YOU GOING TO BE OK????
I brought u some flowers.. NOTHING!!!! Whate u like yaoi sky child!!!
didnt expect that... i aficialy like you now... So mean!!! These are some vidios i found on youtube...i thought they where funny and so they made it on here...enjoy!! ^-^ I dont know what they are saying sorry... !_! And this is just to piss off Japan >:) Nekomimi switch [【Prussia & Japan]】 *defensively* what? what are you "ohhh"ing about? thanks, but theyre roses and they remind me of... that night... but its the thot that counts rite?! thanx anyway! :) sky child wants to sit on nameless's face... strange. gee thanks! i liked you the whole time! i mean with a name like ninja... :) a telemarketer!? nooooooo!!! meh. :) wait... i dont understand why is nameless in the hospital? ragnorok rages and roars in romania when they run out of red roses cuz he really really likes rose tea. i cant watch these you know that right? does this make it official? are they a couple now? in ur face ragnorok!!!! >:D ppppth forget nameless ninja ur amazing :) who are you really? no one... :D I DONT UNDERSTAND ALL OF THIS WHAT IS IT??? now recruiting new members... :) wait, wait, wait... even with all this going on, I always thought that Rag was straight... Well, Shade, Ninja, and I noticed that you seem to have a thing for the letter "R".. your name is "Ragnorok", one of your favorite colors is "Red", you love "Roses", and you're from "Romania". So, we decided to have a bit of fun with it on here. Aren't you lucky?! :D :D :D might i ask how old you are? umm.. hoping this isn't a touchy subject.. but what did you do, exactly? I think it would be nice if you made a sequel ;) ... but I at least still appreciate that you wrote this much! GREAT STORYTELLING! (Just finished, 10/4/12) <3 <3 <3 just.. how you and nameless actually ARE friends (at least).. but you're both in denial and squabble a lot. Really, you two just have way to many misunderstandings, and it makes you both miserable for a while. All of us can see it (or at least, i think all of us), and I personally wish that you could see what we see. =] forget you meg. were waaaay more than friends!!! quit it!!! seventeen! :) i dont claim to be just anything because i am a demon and therefore DO NOT HAVE ANY PREFERENCE OR URGES AS HUMANS DO. until you show him a green pepper! shut up! i will not be making a sequel. a message for meg! i have started the... err, story about what ragnorok does with Gaylord and/or nameless in his free time... against his will... and im putting it on my flashdrive for you! the file will have MEG!!! as the title :) mwahahaha.... i tied his wrists and ankles to four horses and scared them all galloping at the same time in different directions. the sound of bone and sinew being ripped apart mercilessly... beautiful! no were not! so pretty... roses... no touchy! those are for nameless! ... pretty roses... trolololololol >:) ouch... :'( WELL... it involved Rag, Nameless, a locked door, and green peppers... random question.... DO you like rose tea, as Sky Child suggested? dismemberment... nice! :D That's awesome! aw :/ okay.. well, thank you again for writing this! :) mwahaha.. can't wait >:3 are you in Wenatchee? oh... ppppthpf okay meg i think i get it thanks :) ... sometimes when im not feeling well... yep. why do you ask? SHADE! were never on at the same time anymore... what happened?! i wanna talk to you more so you better get your butt on here more often T_T but raggy i thought... no. whatever youre going to say- no. thats gotta hurt... RAGNOROK YOU SUCK!!! YOU KNOW YOU LOVE HIM AND YOU WONT EVEN TELL HIM CUZ YOUR STUPID AND PRIDEFUL!? THIS IS A TIME WHERE HE REALLY NEEDS EMOTIONAL SUPPORT AND YOU JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND WALK OUT ON HIM!? GO DIE! >:U ... thats a good idea for my book... :D i cannot... prezi wont process the file... so heres some funny japan instead :) i moved it!!!! cuz she likes talking to me more than you. sorry its not a kink nameless, ive been wanting to sit on my friends face cuz he did it to me and farted so i figured maybe ill take it out on you! >:) XD yeah, it was rather awkward to hear about... ah well :) now you know! *cheers* yay sky child for saying what all of us wouldn't! :D okay ^_^ O_O dun dun dunnnn do you go to WHS? well, i DID. but now im online schoold. whats with all the questions!? wait... what is your last name meg? not that hard when you have no concience! :) taylor. megumi taylor. i feel like i know you... do i? i went to WHS my freshman year... ... taylor... were you that blond girl in the front of geometry? were you even in geometry? hmm... i think i might have said hi to you once! sky child you idiot. so... does that mean there will be some mpreg stories soon? i mean if they did that... :) ... where did that come from? you leave my raggy alone! he just doesnt know how to express himself!!! what? SKY CHILD WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN TO MY RAGNOROK!? MAYBE YOU SHOULD GO DIE!!! ...nameless... and you! *ulp* i wanna see you in my room at five o'clock tonight, no excuses!!! *confused* umm... XD erm... I took geometry in 8th grade with Mr. Permin at Pioneer Middle School. But yes, I'm blonde. I WILL! :D Ragnorok!? Yes Nameless. What!? YES, NAMELESS I WILL BE IN YOUR ROOM AT FIVE O'CLOCK TONIGHT. good little uke. <3 but... how did he know that...? wait! umm... i wanna hold a rose in my pic... is that possible? GAH WHAT AM I SAYING!? NO PICTURES!!! ... i think i might remember you. did you have german freshman year? but sky child im so busy with school! and my internet wont come on at will so what am i supposed to do about that!? WHY CANT I COME OUT!? CUZ YOULL FREAK EVERYONE OUT!!! :( OPEN NOTHING BUT THE FILES LABELED "MEG!!!" AND "Music". EVERYTHING ELSE IS CONFIDENTIAL!!! We have Mrs. Permin at the junior high! SHE IS SO MEAN I FAILED HER CLASS ON PERPOSE. >:P CAN I INVITE ONE OF MY FRIENDS!? PLEEEEASE!? Can i be in your book? O_o ragnorok... is an uke?!?!?!?!??! sky child! what? there you go. just for you. ...*takes, smiles a little* :0 dont say anything! *runs* THANK YOU SKY CHILD!!!! I know right!! YOU ARE WELCOME NINJA!!! i wanna read your stories too shade! put those stories on here for meeee!!! >.< yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi...! <3<3<3 sky child what is all this? OH MY GOD YOUR FINALLY ON HERE AT THE SAME TIME I AM!!!!! well hello to you too. :) its been forever! how have you been!? meh. ive been all right. how have you been? just fantastic. is that sarcastic? uhh... kinda? no i feel really great right now actually :) why? i have a friend over right now. oh cool! hi sky childs friend!!! hi hes not much of a talker. thats ok, i understand :) whatcha guys doin? meh. screwing around, wasting time, whatever. you should prank your brother ;) my mom would get on my ass for it, but i have thought about it :) so if your not pranking your brother, what are you doing? were messin around, watching anime and whatever else. cool. what anime? junjou romantica. O_o so thats what all the yaoi over there is about... youve watched it? were on like episode nine or something. ive only watched up to six -_- is it good? somewhat. im gonna go now ok? what!? i just got here!!! some things are more important then you shade. like what!? like my friends hand wrapped around my- aah! wha-wha-what?! you know how i said sometimes i sleep with my friends? *pants* yes...? this is one of those friends. O_o wait what?!?!??!?!?!?!? sky child cant come to the keyboard right now. hes too busy coming in my hand. you gotta be messing with me... you gotta be right? i dunno what i would do if you werent messing with me you are messing with me right!?!?!!? watching that one part in the anime gave him a problem and im taking care of it... but now im getting a problem... what do you mean problem!? raging hardcore yaoi boner gotta go bye shade!!! WHAT!?!?!?!?! HE LEFT... CUZ HIS FRIEND WAS... WAS... *passes out from massive nose bleed* i was thinking about it, but i dunno... i dunno if i could even write that kind of thing! :/ GODDAMIT YOU GUYS A COUPLE OR NOT >:U i think she's killing all of us... right, shade? YEP! :D I took German 1 (with Frau Christensen, obviously) 5th period freshman year- right before band. YE S SHADE, YOU CAN! :D ...but you need to supply the rose. O_O SHADE! I'm honestly shocked! I was not expecting that much... detail. It was even more awkward because my brother tried to read it over my shoulder right when they started to get... involved. O_O And Sky Child, I don't think they're appropriate for a public prezi like this... whoa. At least, the one with Gaylord and Rag wasn't (I would rate it R, at least)... but the unfinished one with Nameless was appropriate (rating: G). Not that you aren't a fantastic writer, because you are! That's strange.. I LOVED Mr. Permin! He was/is soooo funny. :D Most, if not all of his test questions had to do with Spam (ya know... the nasty meat stuff in a can). It was awesome. I wonder why Mrs. Permin isn't as nice and fun as he is.. opposites attract, maybe? XD i dunno but she was a bitch >:( OH. MY. GOD. do you remember me!? im blond and i sat to your left im pretty sure! i said hi to you once! oh my god this is awesome. :) whoa... didn't expect that... *shrugs* umm.... no? erm... what was your german name? WAIT. how tall are you??? (haha.. i'm glad you think it's awesome. yay ^_^) I sorry!!!! WOW!!!! SHADE is there perhaps any room on the floor for me to pass out...thats...so....HOT!!! *passes out next to shade in puddle of blood* who? Okay, thank you Shade for the links, but i don't think i wanna read/watch anymore about that kind of stuff, after your story about Rag and Gaylord... sorry, and thank you again! :) well then! RANDOM PICTURE OF THE DAY Presented by ;Ninja lol lol lol lol... :) sk- SKY CHILD! THIS IS THE NETHERLANDS AND JAPAN ISNT IT!? IMONNA KILL YOU!!! ... eeeeeh.... *gets up* what.. what happened? oh hey germany... what are you doing here? and all this blood... *sniff sniff* i better get out of here before i go crazy. bye germany! :) WHY THANK YOU! :):):) YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY :) im pretty tall. arent you tall too? :D you know... him. i dont wanna say his name cuz he might kill me for it, and i dont know what he wants as a nick name. you know they guy who... well, you and shade had fangasms when we... :) oh... i think i might remember him. maybe. *blood trickles down nose* uh, anyway *wipes* im going to have to think about it. i mean, if your going to put THAT stuff on here with someone like MEG reading it... i dunno, meg dont really like that kinda stuff :/ could you tone it down a bit? OMG DID YOU GUYS KNOW RAG HAS CUTE LITTLE NICKNAMES FOR ALL OF YOU?! AND THEYRE ALL ROMANIAN! :)
Nevinovat (innocent) - Meg
Puternic (strong) - Ninja
Nebun (insane) - God
Tare (loud) - Jesus
Tâmpit (asshole) - Sky child
Degetele reci (cold fingers) - shade
Omul curva (man whore) - nameless
mintiri rele (bad memories) - gaylord this 4 Shade i'm still considered innocent? hm.. ah well, i still like it ^_^ um, yeah, like 5'8" or so... hm. okay, one person ruled out. I honestly don't remember you. What was your german name? lol, i aim to please... *rolls eyes* =/ now i feel bad... i'm sorry that you feel like you need to censor yourselves because i'm on here now.. honestly, it's fine if you put that stuff on here.. i'm called "innocent", but i feel like that's not completely accurate. i'm not as innocent as i used to be... Jusqua what now? whos the new guy? Im going to a play tonight, my teacher's in it, and i get extra credit if i go :P oh thats ni--- err... ja- something... Jusqua me too! but i'm going tomorrow, i think i wanna go to a play! which is it!? jusqua, my bad :) the man of la mancha.. or something like that That > oh. hey new guy im nameless >:) $5 for students :D five whole dollars!? nevermind im not goin. :) XD nameless... <3 I Already have tickets for me and family:| im Lord Ragnorok. hey, the normal price is $17 gaaaa thats a lot of money! and I am Gaylord <3 yeah... which is why $5 is cheap. du sollst mit mir kommen! hey... did all the original stuff get smaller? nein, danke. i thought we got bigger.. bitte????? *puppy dog eyes* lol..and far away!! nein, ich.... dont wanna go :) HERE'S THE ORIGINAL STUFF! good job :) Sie mit dem Spiel gehen und das ist endgültig! ^^^ you're not making any sense.... nice german. what did you use, google translate? because thats weird. MOAR german lessons are required! haha wanna shrink everything? uhh... you guys draw people yet? T_T yah please! nope! :D :/ okay.. something is wrong with prezi.. everything looks blurry! hahaha i moved it! i would never do that! ;_; 10/17 10/18 10/19 lol..i like my name ty Raggy! 10/20 10/21 this 4 God I'M ALL FOR IT!!!! PLEAS SHADE LET HIM ON!!!!!1 Thanks! I love it! I totally do this to Germany! I loved it, it was written like a true writer and the suprises that were added made it suspenceful! It was beautiful (this coming from the published writer). Now you people better enjoy it becuase it was a masterpeice! Jusquabot I MADE A ROBOT! -Jusqua WHAT IS THIS?? These are Hillarious videos "11 Drunk Guys Play Slender" Parts 1 and 2 ok...i dont care for theas...they scare me!! The guys Reactions make it hilarious ya...its funny i ges 10/22 "Censor Kitty, Denies Access" xD lol, if you didnt want anyone to see that entire panel, you could put it over the whole thing xD new ud like that one...lol Watching them, Germany? i not germany...i is NINJA! oh, one more thing, they swear, A LOT, since they are VERY DRUNK So what you guys been up to and Nick were you asking who I am? I finished my homework and nick texted me so i got on.. I am Jusqua Oh ok... so do you know who I am? no hes still clueless!! You aparenly, are god. i told him twice now! If you texted me, my phone is in another room :| Don't tell him it will be fun to mess with him tell everyone not to tell him!!!! ok...but he alredy got the texts...maby...? anyways, look at the videos i put here You should look up markiplierGAME slender compilation! God, just watch the videos! Later doing hw remember! Well watch them when you can Ninja can you do me a favor tomorrow? Ninja!!!!! Blaze is getting better :) from getting poisoned :( sorry what? whos blaze? (he ate a mouse that had been poisoned) My Cat o... Miau! =3 hmm... im bored, im gonna go kill people... ok have fun ^-^ Blazey! Oh hows amber and bayley (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) Can you ask japan
1. how long did it take her avocado to sprout
2. when does she get on prezi
3. tell her i'm growing a starfruit tree!!
4. what kind of seeds did I get from her
5. what's the name of the attack plant ok O_o Jusqua answer your GOD!! Thank you maybe you should write it down I know that was a lot lol i did night! I do to have internet you nimwits im just a busy person! no one wants to talk to me!? Onyx Ask a question for Onyx here! nameless! Raggy! This is such a good show! Hey peoples! No one's even asked who I am... That's cuz you are an idiot! Sorry... I was killing people... they're doing good, and yes its Bailee, not Bayley Oh and that gave it away for sure who you are sis, I'll tell mom hi for you bye As Patrick Star said: " WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!" Oh and I found a cat and he has a computer... i wonder where he got it... Look at the sign in Not what i meant, i saw ur names, i meant, WHO ARE YOU!? seriously... yes 10/23 happy.? yes Germany i found the hetalia list, you didnt add me yet D: ill do it no toche!!! Im just watching
dont worry It looks like shade did already anyways so dont yell at me, i havent done anything to it Jesus is america? whit...
and how does patrik spell his name??i not sure. you got it right i think ok Never seen Egypt with his hat off :O there...i is done..for now.. Oh you found me! :P 10/24 10/25 WALDO!!! :O hello? 10/26 10/27 10/28 this is just too funny!! What now indeed! >:P :) LOL THATS SO FUNNY! ISNT IT FUNNY RAG!? whoooooooooaaa i feel soooooo weeeeird.... rag? you ok? stupid belt... why did people invent belts if there so goddamn hard to get the fuck off there we go i dont want this anymore here you go shade i dont want this belt anymore... rag i dont want your belt! here, i'll put it over here in case you want it again ok? hey! ... shaddup! :) thank you god but.... you spelled "because" wrong! WINNNNNNNN!!!!!! sorry god hes kinda high right now :/ dont take him seriously. how dare you no take me seriously!!! WHY NO ONE TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!!! i gotta pee... thats nice to know rag. i dont wanna make a sequel so imonna spoil it for you! get ready to have your mind blown... i killed my mom! ha! take that, mother! i miss my mommy now... :( Hey what the fuck is this shit!!!
... full metal alchemist...
but why is JAPAN the girl?!
germany you piss me off >:( kidding :) lol okay... shade... i haz a question... you copied me! whats your question? can i touch your hair? err.. wow you must really be high... okay, sure. *holds out hair over shoulder in hand* *looks at hair in shades hand, circles around shade, runs fingers through hair* *blushes furiously* err.... ragnorok? *rests forehead on shades hair, breathes in* shade... y- yeah? hey ragnorok your a little too close and youve felt my hair so could you i dunno- back off a little bit!? please!? *puts hand over mouth* mmph? mmph m mph!!! your face is warm. *blushes even more* mmmph!!! *jerks off hand and turns to face ragnorok, points finger at his face* thats it! no more peppers for you!!! *smiles, bites finger* wha- hey!!! bad ragnorok, you let go of my finger right--- *licks* *blood gushes from nose* WHAT THE HELL!??!!?? GROSS!!! *jerks finger away, RUNS AWAY AT TOP SPEED* *chases* you going to write a story about this for friends? they like me... if it were you and gaylord or nameless maybe, but not me!!! defenetly not! and quit chasing me you stupid demon! *continues chasing* youll get tired eventually... its ninja's fault im chasing you, she put up green and red peppers so i have no control over my actions... she knows full well what green peppers do to me! so take it out on her not me!!! (uh oh, im starting to get tired already... damn this fat! if i can just make it to my room...!) were not a couple, we're not friends were not anything! we just happen to have had intercourse multiple times! wow, im high and that still sounded bad... i like the way you put it rag >:) UH OH... CLIFF HANGER ALERT!!! >:D hey gayette. hows it going? *runs away* no one says hi to me! D: .... how are you? :) i like the robot :) ich will schtart ein neu prezi!!! Shade, tell me why is it, that you wanted a rose? I personaly dont want a rose, because i'd lose it, and in my experience, losing your rose is very bad... (It was especialy so for Ib and Garry...) I has pictures, so I give pictures, and Kitteh-Kats :3 oh my god i will never think of fairies in the same way again! my two favorite things, cats and zelda, in one... thanks jusqua!:) ... because seven eight nine... pppthf :) canada says: oh, well, at least someone realizes that we canadians are pretty quiet... so that means someone knows i exist! yay! er... whats with the cheezeburger? oh my god i miss meat soooo much now ;_; wait.... Rag, what happened to your impeccable grammar? You sound a bit like Nameless now. And why did you kill your mom?.. XD what the heck?... was it the red peppers? XD SHADE YOU HAVE GOT TO FINISH THIS! Rag.. you are too funny... Amazing German, Shade XD you want to start a new prezi? or did you mean "will start"? if so, use "werde", not "will". =3 sorry, small lecture over now! was america here? no problem :3 yep http://prezi.com/rrqq7sz727s5/edit/?auth_key=5smnwi6&follow=okytxwhfefq2 there, i finally got it up! now click it! CLICK THE LINK DAMMIT! umm... yeah, im pretty sure peppers had something to do with that comment :/ you are very very welcome Puternic! but i doesnts understands the picture, why it there? my grammar detr- deatear- goes away when i aet red peprs............. and green pepprs............ shade? ugh, what now? Am o erectie ... din ardei verzi ai mancat ... umm... is that romanian? wheres my cheat sheet... um, most of the stuff you just said isnt on here, so for the first time ever im going to use google translate. Atinge-ma ... oh my-- *blushes* What do you want me to do about it?!? great, i gotta translate that too now... though im sure i dont want to... *blushes even more* oh my god ragnorok! no freaking way! Shade... *walks towards her* *turns and runs* go away! have nameless take care of your- umm, problem!!! *continues walking* nameless hasnt been here for days. *stops* what? nameless hasnt been here at all the past couple days. you didnt notice? *hugs from behind* *doesnt notice hug* he hasnt been here at all? how did i not notice that the perv of the castle wasnt here? *whispers* so ive been rather... neglected over the past few days. (i dont know how im going to get out of this one...) So i'll put it to a vote! i have multiple options at the moment, so im going to pick the best three and let anyone who cares choose the outcome of this story! 1. kick rag where it hurts.
2. run as fast as i possibly can and throw gaylord in front of rag
3. do as the demon says (doesnt count as getting out of it, means i lose D:) put up your vote here (please dont choose the last one, its only there cuz i couldnt think of anything else ;_;) jeez ninja dont get so excited! i'll think about it. :) ? Guh, not you! The internet link up there! ^^^^^ Grrrrr................I MISSED YOU GUYS!!!!!
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