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Water Conservation with Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens

No description

Jason Donati

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of Water Conservation with Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens

Going Green with Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens
Step 1
Find the best location for your rain barrel:
A downspout is necessary
Consider that most likely your rain barrel will need to be elevated
Where is the need for access to the water needed most?

Step 2
Once a location has been determined, you need to find the right barrel that meets your needs:
Size (can range from 40 gal to 65 gal)
Color of the barrel
Design and material
Food grade plastic barrels
Planter on top
Step 3
Tools needed typically are a power drill, wire snips, a level, plumbing tape, etc.
Parts include spigots, pvc connectors, flexible downspout,etc.
Concrete blocks, pavers, wooden platform, etc. to raise your rain barrel.
Why Catch Stormwater?
Rain patterns show regular rain fall events occur during April, May and June just when vegetable gardens and perennial beds are being established
Reduce flooding in your yard by catching your roof run-off and slow releasing it or using it on dry days
Plants love rainwater over treated municipal water
Catching rainwater decreases stormwater from picking up pollutants and entering storm drains
Save money and water!!!!!
The average roof collects about 22,500
gallons of rain a year. Enough to fill 450- 50 gallon rain barrels with free water!!!

Winterizing your Rain Barrel
When winter comes, rain barrels
should be released of all water and put away. You may also simply leave the spigot open to allow all water to flow through the rain barrel.
Jason Donati
Stormwater/Recycling Educator
Follow us on Facebook at
-Stormwater Management
-Muncie Sanitary District Recycling
Twitter: @StormH20mgmt

Stormwater Management
Next Steps?
Flash Flooding during Heavy Rains
Raingardens Do Help!
Designed to capture up to 5-100 year rain events in a row!
Live Walls
Copyright 2013 Stormwater Management
Eventually established plants and stronger root systems will grow, helping to absorb stormwater quicker preventing stagnant water and helping to clean pollutants from the parking lot.
Copyright 2013 Stormwater Management
Flooding to Absorption
Install a Rain Barrel!
Come to a rain barrel workshop?
Next scheduled one to be Earth Week (April 20th-24th). Watch for details on website/social media.
Consider installing raingarden! More info on website.
Adopt your stormdrain!
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