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An animal cell is like an office!

No description

Kaylee Buneta

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of An animal cell is like an office!

The nucleus directs all the activities of the cell and the boss directs where the people or what the people jobs are.
Cell membrane-building
A cell membrane encloses the cell, while the building encloses the office.
Golgi body- mail room
The golgi body does the carrying of the important parts, and the the mail room get important letters to important people.
An animal cell is like an office
ER- Assistant Boss
The ER in a cell capture leftover proteins and make parts of the cell membrane. An
assistant works and sometimes hires people

lysosomes- janitor
Vacuole- Fridge in Break Room
lysosomes break things down. janitors also break things down
The cacuole in a cell holds water, protein, and waste. The fridge holds water, food, and also leftovers
mitochondria- power generator
Cytoplasm- Floor
The cytoplasm in a cell contains everything, the floor covers everything in the office building.
Nuclear Membrane- Corner Office
The power house of the cell is the mitochondria, the office needs the power
The nuclear membrane protects the nucleus, and the corner office protects the boss.
By: Kaylee buneta, Ashley Akers, Shantrez flagg, Luke Moore
Ribosomes in a cell se information to create important proteins, workers us the information they have to works
teenage muntant ninja turtles!
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