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Judism and Christanity

No description

Morgan` Murphy

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Judism and Christanity

Islam and Christianity Notes! By:Morgan and Daniella Religons Christians believed in 1 God
Holy Trinity- god is viewed in 3 ways
1)God father
2)God the Son
3)God the Holy Spirit Christianity developed out of Judaism
-Starts with the birth of Christ
How do we know about the life of Jesus?
-Gospels-Matthew,Mark,Luke & John wrote about the life of Jesus
New Testament
Starts a about 4 BC
-Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, Jesus' mother, in a dream
Told her that her son would become a Messiah
-Messiah=Son of God
Prior to Jesus' birth, Mary & Joseph, Jesus' father, had to travel to the town of Bethlehem to register for his census
There Jesus was born in a mager
Jesus- Hebrew for "to save" Holy place of worship= church
Priest=Catholic church leader
Pastor= Protestant church leader Christ-Greek for "annointed one"
After the birth of Jesus,little is talked about this childhood
-Infant-King Herod was to kill male baies in oor around Bethlehem
Spent childhood in Nazereth
age 12-Family took trip to Jerusalem for Passover
Jesus goes to the Temple to discuss religon with priests
After this story nothing appears until he is 30 years old Ministry of Jesus Basic Christian Beliefs Holy book= Bible
old testament- similar to the Jewish torah
New testament-life of Jesus and after
Holy day of worship= Sunday At the age 30,Jesus started to teach & preach of the Jews
begins his ministry after being baptized by John the Baptist
Matthew 3:13-17
after baptism, fasts in the desert for 40 days
tempted by Satan, devil
proceeds to spread the word of the Kingdom of God

Followers of Jesus
disciples-followers of Jesus
12 apostles-men chosen to spread the word Christians believe Jesus dies on he cross for the sins of all Christians. This allows all Christians to go to Heaven.
-must accept Jesus as your savior and live a righteous life. Those who don't obey will go to the under world. Jesus Arrests and Death Large crowds would gather to hear Jesus speak
common people loved him for taking with all not just the elite
these actions quickly lead to him having enemies
Sanherdin- Jewish high council
upset with his popularity, calling himself the son of God
They would act when Jesus went to Jerusalem for the Passover I Am messed up- Daniella Holy days and Ceremonies! Advent-4th Sunday before Christmas
Christmas- Celebrates the of birth Jesus not
Santa Claus
Lent-40 days pryer to Easter usually spent with
fasting and prayer
Good Friday- commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Last Meal-Passover meal with his apostles
Matthew 26-sacrament of communion
Broke bread-"body of Christ"
Drank wine-"blood of Christ"
After the meal Jesus said that one of his disciples would betray him
Judas Iscariot- identified Jesus to the Romans by kissing Jesus on the cheek. IN return, Judas received 30 pieces of silver
Jesus was taken before Sanhedrin and charged with blasphemy
Blasphemy- contempt for God
Claming to be Gods equal Resurrection After Jesus was killed he was placed in a tomb protected by a large rock
The Bible says that 3 days later he rose from the dead
He spent 40 days on Earth
telling his apostles how to spread the religion
Matthew 28: 19-20 Then, Jesus ascended into heaven
Christians feel this is the pain for salvation & redemption
3: 18-20 He was put to death in body, but made alive by the spirit
Resurrection-coming to life again
Christians believe Jesus will come again to Earth & reward all faithful Sanhedrin found him guilty, but can't put Jesus to death
Jewish high council turns to the Roman leader, Pontius Pilate
Pilate can't find Jesus guilty of anything
condemns Jesus anyway so he doesn't lose him job
has the people choose between Jesus & a criminal
Barabbas angry mob chooses to kill Jesus
Jesus is then humiliated then crucified
crucified- nailed to a cross then leaft to die
Bible says it took 6 hours to die Matthew, Andrew, James of Zebedee, John, Peter, Phillip, Simor, Bartholomew, Thomas, Thaddeus, Judas, James of Alphaseus

How did he teach people?
parables-meaningfuul stories about love, rightousness, mercy
Golden Rule-treat others as you want to be treated
Reach the Kingdom of Heaven
miracles-show love for people & power of God
Bible tells of 36 miracles that were preformed Islam Islam Baptism-washing away all the sins
Communion-reenacts the Last Supper
Confession-declaring your sins to God
Confirmation-stating your faith
Marriage-lifelong relationship held in faith
Last Rites- last prayers before death:( Abraham -Prophet
Sarah & Isaac
Promised the land of Caanan
Gives it to Isaac
Foundation for the Jewish religon Prophet
Hagar & Ishmael
Move to Mecca
Build Kaaba
Foundation for Islamic religion Christian Church Muhammad Last Prophet
The Praised One
Born in Mecca around 570
Raised by Uncle
worked as a caravan trader
Married Khadijah, 15 yeras older than him
Became interested in religion met Jews & Christians Beginnings
After the death of Jesus, Christianity
had a small following
Pentecost- Acts 2:1-4
50 days after Jesus' death the holy spirit came
to the apostles.
apostles-set out to convert people to the religion Meditation
Meditate in a cave near Mecca
1st revelations of God
Angel Gabriel commanded him to recite
Controversial teaching him about God
Local religion originally
Merchants fear loss in profits Hegira Paul- most important person to spread
Christianity.He born as the name as the
of Saul and was a strict Jew. He was asked
to help find Christian followers. Flight
622 AD, Muhammad leaves Mecca for Medina
Begins Islamic calender
630 AD, 1000 soliders attack Mecca & win
Jihad-Inner struggle or struggle of defense
People then embrace Islam
Dies in Medina Quran Actual word of God
Sen as being perfect
- Can't be changed or added to
- Can not be translated
Guidelines by which to live
-Main teachings are the 5 Pillars of Islam
Written by successors of Muhammad
-Caliphs-highest leaders of Islam Paul- He takes a trip to Damascus
a few miles from the city he is blinded by a bright
and then he hears a voice that gets him to change
his mean ways. He becomes a Christian. 5 Pillars of Faith Those who do not fufill these will be punished by God or Islamic state.
-Decleration of Faith
-Daily Worship
-Charitable giving
-Pilgramage to Mecca Persecution- roman gov. did NOT like the
spreading of Christianity. Christians refused
to serve in the Romans army.
all the bad things that happened to roman was
blamed on the christians(scapegoats)
Persecution= hatred for Christians Shahada
Basis of all pillars
-Belief that there is no God but Allah
-Belief that Muhammad is his messenger
" I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, the One, without any partner. And i bear witness that Muhammad is Hiis servant as His messenger." Shadaha Salat
Mulslims must pray 5 times a day!
-Dawn, midday, afternoon, sunset, and night
Friday at noon ,msut pray in a mosque. Spread of Islam
Umayyads- After the rule of Ali
-Caliph became an inherited of Ali
-First to create an Islamic empire
Unified all of the Middle East & North Africa up to Spain
-Non-Arab Muslims & Arab Muslims
Abbasids-Supported the Non-Arab Muslims
Golden Age of Islam
-Focused on successful trade & diversity
- Maintain control of the Arab world
-Increase in education, art, and science Salat! Muslims pray 5 times a day
-dawn, midday, afternoon, sunset, and night Friday at noon you have to pray in a
-this practice began with Muhammads
night Journey to heaven
-Dome of the Rock
-Ascension to heaven
-angels carried him
-spoke with prophets, Abraham, Jesus, etc. What is a Mosque? -Place for muslim worship of Allah
Used for
-education and social work
-courtyard, minaret(tall slender tower),
muezzin(calls people to pray), and Domes Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca
Required once in a lifetime
-Visit site where Islam began
-see Kaaba, celebrate unity with
worlds Muslims Ka'ba
-built by Abraham
-black stone
sign of first covenant with God and man Life after Muhammad Sunni
-90% of the world
-Believe chosen disciple Abu Bakr is first caliph
-Acknowledge the first 3 rightly guided caliphs Shiite
-10% of the world
-Believed Muhammads son-in-law Ali is first caliph
-Do not acknowledge 3 rightly guided caliphs Zakat -"Purify oneself"
-Sharing wealth with the needy once a year
-2.5% or more
-Used as welfare, mosques, Islamic centers Sawm -Fasting during the time of Ramadan
-No eating or drinking form sunrise to sunset
-Key of Ramadan is purity
supposed to feel a closeness with God Ottoman Empire- World's most powerful empire in the 1500 & 1600's
-1453 captured Constantinople from the Byzartine Empire
- Suleyman 1-brought the empire to it's height
Declared Sunni Islam as correct form
Safavid Empire-Main rival of the Ottoman Empire
Spread Islam eastward into the Persian Empire
-Shah Esma'il- brought the empire to it's height
Declared Shiite Islam as correct form
Ottoman Empire- World's most powerful empire in the 1500 & 1600's
-1453, captured Constantionple from Byzantine Empire
- Suleyman 1-brought the empire to it's height
-Declared Sunni Islam as correct form
Safavid Empire-Main rivil of the Ottoman Empire
-Spread Islam eastward into the Persain Empire
-Shah Esma'il brought the empire to it's height
-Declared Shiite Islam as correct form Spread of Islam Persecution (Rise of the West) Byantine Empire
-Rome vs. Constantinople
-1054-Churches split in the Great Schism
- Constantinople later overran by Moslem army
-Jihad against France
-Battle of Tours
-Charles Martel defeats Moslem army
-Christianity goes into Middle East
-Attempt to convert Muslims to Christanity
Mongols Colonialism (Rise of the West) WW1
-Ottoman Empire sided with Germany
-Germany loses war
-Land is taken from the Ottoman Empire
-Given to Britain/France
-Middle Eastern countries fight for independence
-Embrarrassed by colonialism
-Israel becomes independent Jewish state
-Constant war between Jews & Muslims
-Fight for Jerusalem Mughal Empire- Indian Islamic Empire -
Descendents of the Mongols -1526, Babur captured northern India -Mid-1500's, Mugal Empire reached it's heightEmperor Akbar extended empire further into IndiaWas able to keep peace between Muslims and Hindu -Very diverse land-Persian, Mongol, Islamic HinduFamous works of architecture - Taj Mahal- tomb for Emperor Shah Jahan's wife Umayyads-After the rule of Ali
-Caliph became an inherited position
-First to create an Islamic empire
-Unified all of the Middle East & North Africa up to Spain
-Non-Arab Muslims & Arb Muslims
Abbasids- Supported the Non-Arab Muslims
-Golden Age of Islam
-Focused on successful trade & diversity
-Maintain control of the Arab world
-Increase in education, art, and science By:Morgan Abbasids empire
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