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Rethinking challenging learners

HUPE Rijeka Branch meeting, 13.10.2012

Dora Bozanic

on 26 November 2016

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Transcript of Rethinking challenging learners

School as a safe base John Bowlby Mid-20th century WHO Sure Start (UK) Head Start (USA) Gaze Primary attachment figure Mirroring Security through: Routines
Reacting Tone of voice Naming feelings and needs "A good enough" Secure attachment Attachment patterns Insecure attachment Resistant/Ambivalent Avoidant Disorganized/ Disorientated Pupil The Learning triangle Teacher Task insecure, anxious
trying to hold on to teacher's attention
cannot begin doing a task without support
use language well Resistant/Ambivalent attachment pattern Pupil Teacher Task Avoidant attachment
pattern Pupil Task Teacher seek independence
refuse (public) help
physical proximity = unease
may seem indifferent towards uncertainty
task = "an emotional barrier"
"hostility towards the teacher directed towards the task" (Geddes; 2006)
lack skill in language use How to approach them? biography vs. autobiography
structured games - clear right/wrong
sorting, constructing, organizing
clear goals In a crisis... Stop. Breathe. Take a step back. Think. Make a plan. Try the plan. Evaluate your steps. Don't forget to... Take care of yourself. ...share... ...listen... Keep your promises. ...Catch them being good. Use
instead of
"BUT". Use
"THANK YOU" instead of "PLEASE". SOURCES: Notes from the course: "Dealing with dificult learners" (July 2012), TUTOR: Marie Delaney, Pilgrims/The Learning Harbour "Teaching the unteachable" (2008), Marie Delaney. Worth Publishing "Attachment in the classroom: The links between children's early experience, emotional well being and performance in school: A practical Guide for Schools" (2005) Dr. Heather Geddes . Worth Publishing With the support of: Thank you for listening! overhelping chunk tasks into
smaller steps use a timer ALWAYS come back. Say you'll BE back. Say WHEN you'll be back. How to approach them? Show them you remember
who they are. React when they're not in school. ...office hours, ...remedial lessons.... Let them choose. Pairs, small groups... Creativity... + structure Adapted from a "PATHS" programme poster. To find this prezi
(and other related content)
go to: offlineenglish.blogspot.com I see... I hear... I touch... I smell... I taste... Visual learners Auditory learners Kinaesthetic learners WELCOME! "Dictation" (1988), Rinvolucri/Davis. CUP "Unlocking self-expression though NLP" (2008) Baker/ Rinvolucri. Delta Publishing Break patterns! Hypervigilance Fight. Flight. Freeze. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
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