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Ultra Music Festival

No description

Alyssa Fagien

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival:
Miami Ultra Music Festival is an annual electronic music festival. So, what's the purpose? 2013 will be the 15th anniversary
attendance has increased each year since the opening in 1999 (with last year reaching 165,000 people) In previous years... No theme
Tourism Prospective theme is miAMI
Hot night clubs
Beautiful weather
Culturally diverse city Theme of Ultra Existing target
audiences Target Audiences How is Ultra Music Festival currently being promoted? Where: Downtown Miami in Bayfront Park
When: every March
Duration: began as a 1-day event (1999), but then evolved into a 3-day festival because of increased attendance Marketing Event popular and upcoming djs
sponsors Celebration people travel from all over the world The Three E's Entertainment Music Excitement Popular DJs Multiple
Stages Line-up announcements Enterprise "The world's premiere electronic music festival."
2 weekends
Only Ultra in the USA Five Card Draw Ultra's Theme & The Three E's Entertainment DJs
Light show Excitement Excite audience because they will travel nation without leaving Miami
From stage to stage (city to city)
Try new drinks and dishes Enterprise Great experience
Very unique Five Card Draw Taste Primary Behavioral segmentation
Psychographic segmentation
Benefit segmentation Secondary Behavioral segmentation
Psychographic segmentation
Benefit segmentation Tertiary Sociodemongraphic segmentation
Psychographic segmentation
Geographic segmentation
Behavioral segmentation
Benefit segmentation Locally Flyers
Local TV ads
Local TV News reports
Newspapers (websites)
Miami Herald
Miami New Times
The Huffington Post
Local Night Clubs
The Miami CVB
Word of mouth Nationally PR company- Mitch Schneider Organization
press releases
Magazines (websites)
GQ Globally Social Media Ultra Music Festival website www.ultramusicfestival.com Repeat Guests First-time Guests Education about music Reunion Friends travel to be at event together Suggestions to Improve Promotions “One Nation Under UMF” quarters in Miami circulation $0.25 To attract new target audience Celebrities/Athletes
Improve & Promote VIP Section
This will indirectly attract another new target audience - Young working professionals
Get DJ’s involved in promoting Ultra through Social Media Tomorrowland offers Global Journey Packages Creates a one-stop-shop for international travelers
Quick & easy
Might entice an “on-the-fence” international traveler - UMFTV Sight Sound Touch Suggested 2014 theme Cebrating America's Cities
Slogan: One Nation Under UMF
Tie in different cities in America into one event
There are multiple stages and each stage will represent a different city
New York
San Francisco Signature drink and dish representing city
Drink: red, white, and blue
Dish: smoked pork sandwich Sight Decorations on stage
embellish around the area serving food and drinks
Seeing Djs perform Sound Hearing Dj perform *Use those three because we don't want a sensory overload Primary People who like electronic music
Demographic Traits:
Both men and women
Geographic on terms of age
Psychographic Traits:
Party Goers, Adventurous
Electronic Music Secondary Repeat guests
Demographic Traits:
Both men and women
Geographic on terms on age
Psychographic Traits
Loyalty towards DJs
Party goers, adventurous
Electronic music Tertiary "Come alongers" and/or friends of people who like electronic music
Demographic Traits:
Both men and women
Geographic on terms on age
Psychographic Traits:
Has an interest in electronic music/but not too familiar
Party goers, adventurous (Fox News)
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