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Research: The Journey of a Radiographer

No description

Nick Woznitza

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Research: The Journey of a Radiographer

Research: The Journey of a
Reporting Radiographer

Nick Woznitza

Research in the NHS
not as simple as it may seem...
Can radiographers provide clinically relevant reports?
The Idea
July - November 2010

Small local study
The Study...the start
.... or is it?
July - PhD application supported by Radiology and University
Funding to support NIHR research grant applications
Rigorous methodology suggested by mentor to examine chest x-ray reporting in clinical practice
Another Study?
Adult Chest X-ray Agreement
Agreement comparable between consultant radiologists and a reporting radiographer in a small sample
NHS London Clinical Academic Training Programme
Research Grants
College of Radiographers
Homerton R&D
National Institute of Health Research
Research Fellowship Applications
International Society of Radiographers and Radiographic Technicians
... or part of the same project?
... but not (that) difficult either
Diagnostic Accuracy and Diagnostic Impact of Reporting Radiographer Chest X-ray Reports
The Research
Diagnostic Accuracy and Impact
Case Selection and Anonymisation
Establishing image bank with robust reference standard diagnosis
Radiologists and Radiographer recruitment
Agreement in Neonatal X-ray Interpretation
Neonatal Agreement
Image bank selected and interpreted by paediatric radiologists and reporting radiographer
Agreement assessed independently by 2 neonatal consultants
Weighted Kappa used to establish inter-radiologist, intra-radiologist and radiologist-radiographer agreement
Reporting Radiographer
PhD Student

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