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Montara Oil Spill

2009 Oil Spill

matusa mathan

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Montara Oil Spill

By:Matusa.M My Fluid Spill Presentation My Introduction! How The Spill Was Cleaned Up! The Cost & Who Paid For The Clean Up! The Big Impact Into Wildlife Hi everyone.The oil spill that I am going to do is based on a oil and a gas leak which is called the "Montara Oil Spill".I would say that this would be one of the recent oil spills.This spill has happened in Australia and was one of Australia's worst oil spill disasters that has ever happened.Sit and relax hear more about Australia"s worst oil spill. How This Spill Had Effected The Environment? This had effected the environment but the spill has not been effected to the Australia's mainland.It has been effecting many things like sea animals,obviously the sea because many marine animals lived in Timor Sea and had made many animals die,due to the oil.Fact,is that the WWF(World Wildlife Fund) expedition had recorded 17 species of seabird,four species of dolphins and five marine reptiles in the oil slick area. The Initial Leak And Damage! The cause of the leak,and damage of the spill would be because of the "Montara Wellhead Platform."This all started when on August 21rst,2009 the Montara Platform suddenly started catching on fire,then the oil and gas started to leak.It leaked throughout the whole surface of Timor Sea and it started killing marine life,as in how marine animals died because of the toxic oil. What Is This Oil Spill??? The Montara oil spill is like I said was a an oil spill that happened in Australia.This spill happened exactly in Timor Sea,which is off the northern coast of Western Australia.It happened for 74 days starting on the date of August 21rst,2009 until November 3rd,2009.Some more characteristics of the spill would be the volume is 1.2 to 9 million US gallons and the area is 6,000 km2.The operator of the spill is "PTT Public Company Limited." The spill was cleaned up by how the equipment and organized the aircraft by the Australian Marine Oil Spill Company.Then,starting on August 23,2009 a Hercules aircraft had sprayed 10,000 litres of chemical dispersant onto parts of the oil slick.Finally,the PTTEPA Australasia helped out using the equipment since they were taking the response for the whole clean up.Now they are well known and been seen on news and websites when they were well known for the Montara Oil Spill. The cost of the clean up would be an estimate of 170 billion for the gas and the oil leak up to November 3rd,2009.But the clean up cost for the environment is a price of 3.5 million dollars.The cost was paid by the PTTEP Australasia.Throughout this whole clean up and paying,this was meant to be their response and was so. The wildlife on our Earth had a big impact that. . . ->Many sea animals were lived in Timor sea and died due to the oil
->Many oil spreaded much to the surface of the ocean and was hard for wales to breath
->Seabirds, dolphins, sea snakes and turtles are all under a threat from the toxic oil spill which has been leaking since August into the Timor Sea, off the north-west coast of Western Australia This is a picture of the Montara Platform getting on fire and spilling oil This is a satellite image of how the oil spill looked like on the Earth close to Western Australia I HOPE THAT YOU ALL HAVE LEARNED EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IN THIS PRESENTATION BASED ON THE "MONTARA OIL SPILL" THAT ONCE AGAIN WAS CONSIDERED AS AUSTRALIA'S WORST DISASTERS AFTER GOING THROUGH ALL OF THIS! WANT TO SEE HOW THE OIL SPILL HAPPENED???WELL YOU WILL BE NOW SEEING HOW THE SPILL HAPPENED AND SOME QUICK FACTS ABOUT IT ON A VIDEO!
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