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Kobe and Emma Sanders

No description

Emma Tabb

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of Kobe and Emma Sanders

Kobe and Emma Sanders
Shemar and Coco Sanders
Shemar and Coco with God-daddy Caden
Baseball with the Grandparents
As you can tell Shemar and Coco had a wonderful life and great parents.
Our Wedding
Lunch Date
Christopher Wilde is their "Hero"
One on One
Driving with Mom
Yeti Kids
Home Sweet Home
Boat Kids
First Time on the Swing
Wishing for A Tree House
Watching their Uncle Nic Practice
Making Dirt Castles
Breakfast Time
Dinner Time
Last Day of School
Legal Documents
We both had the children the same amount of times. He took them three days and two nights and I had them one day and four nights. we both had them five times.
Kobe and I worked really well together. I was a little worried at first but he did what he needed to do. He broke the egg once but it all turned out alright. I'm really glad i got paired up with him. We both had a really great time with Shemar and Coco.
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