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Anti-Bullying Project

No description

logan cullen

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Anti-Bullying Project

Bullying Awareness (Cyber Bullying) Bullies have been around forever, but technology has opened a whole new door to it. As teens, we're becoming more aware that the "sticks and stones" adage is no longer true. Both real world and online name-calling can have a serious affect on kids and teens. In our presentation, we will explain exactly what cyber bullying is, how to cope with it, the consequences for both the bully and victim, and why people cyber bully. Introduction People bully for many reasons. Some reasons may be that they have been bullied before and want others to feel how they felt. They like to see others hurt. They are upset with themselves and think if others were as miserable as they feel, it will make them happier. They're jealous of someone, so they bully that person to feel more superior, and/or they bully someone to be cool, and fit in. Why NOT to cyber bully 1-800-668-6868 History (Kids help phone) .It makes others feel bad about themselves.

.You could face serious consequences

. Even if you are "Just Joking" people may take things seriously

. You may be the cause to the next suicide attempt Friend: No one likes you You: What? Friend: Now I understand why, you're so stupid! You: :( Friend: Why are you even alive? You have no reason to be here! You: Just leave me alone, okay? Friend: You look so ugly, no one loves you! You: ....... CHAT ENDED 0845-225-5787 1-800-452-0688 (Distress Centre Durham) Why People Bully.... How does bullying impact others? pictures The bully will spread information on the internet for anyone to see. That can affect someone's social life, especially how other kids view them. It can also affect the person at school, because their lack of confidence will prevent them from participating and asking questions during class. It can make them feel embarrassed and self conscious about themselves as a person, depending on what may have been said. What is cyber bullying? Cyber bullying is when a person is being bullied over any form of technology. It is the intent to make someone feel embarrassed, self conscious, or bad about themselves. Cyber bullying can include the following:
•Sexual harassment
•Unkind posts or pictures
•Imitating others online
• Inappropriate image tagging
•Unkind messages and/or discussions Harassment In some situations, cyber bullying is considered harassment. Intimidation or mean comments that focus on things like someones gender, religion, sexual orientation, race or disabilities fall into this category. In the U.S.A. online harassment is against the law in many states. That means law enforcement could get involved, and the bully or bullies could face serious consequences. Examples of sites and technology •Facebook •Twitter •Skype •Xbox Live •Text messages •BBM (Blackberry messenger) •Omegle •Snap Chat •YouTube •Tumblr. •Email •Instagram •KiK (Messaging apps) How to stand up to cyber bullying Some things you can do to stand up to cyber bullying are: •don’t respond, no matter how tempting it may be
•block the bully
•report the abuse
•collect the evidence - don't delete any messages just in case
•talk to someone you can trust, like a family member or a friend. Consequences for the bully Consequences for the bully can vary by how bad the bullying may be. But when it comes to the law, there are no exceptions. Some of the consequences may be: Signs and symptoms of cyber bullying Many kids and teens who are cyberbullied are hesitant to tell an adult, because they feel ashamed, or because they fear their computer privileges will be taken away at home.

The signs that someone is being cyberbullied vary, but some things to look for are:

•signs of emotional distress during or after using the internet or phone
•being protective of their digital life
•staying away from friends and activities
•avoiding school
•changes in mood, behavior, sleep, or appetite .Confiscation of internet and/or cell phone
. Loss of Facebook or IM accounts
In the worst case (or the best case, depending on how you look at it), a bully might be charged with a misdemeanor cyber harassment charge and sent to a juvenile delinquency program. In some countries it is a criminal offense if someone spreads rumors or offensive matter based on race, religion, or sexual orientation. Internet hacking and intimidation may also be considered an offense. Unfortunately, most cyber bullying cases never go into criminal charges, despite the efforts made by parents or guardians. Consequences for the victim The victims often suffer from self-esteem issues. Additionally, it affects them emotionally as they struggle with anger, frustration, and sometimes depression. There are behavioral consequences also - Acting out in class, not participating and self-harm. Suicide can also be a horrible consequence. Conclusion
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