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Symmetrical Name Design Creatures

No description

Katie Vanhoff

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Symmetrical Name Design Creatures

Out of this world!
Symmetrical Name Aliens and Bugs What is symmetry? Symmetry is what occurs when one side of something BALANCES out or mirrors the other. If you were to draw a midline from the top of your forehead, down the middle of your nose, over your lips and to the bottom of your chin, you could see that your eyes, ears, nostrils, and teeth all mirror each other on either side of the line. That's symmetry.

In a piece of art, symmetry is present in much the same way when the elements within balance each other. SYMMETRY IN ART Mandalas: A geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. Artists create BALANCE when using of different elements (line,shape, color..) to create harmony and visual interest in an artwork Balance does not always mean perfect symmetry. Sometimes asymmetry can be visually interesting What we will be doing Creating symmetrical name aliens/bugs For this project you will show off what you know about the elements of art: LINE, SHAPE, AND COLOR.
You will also show off what you know about the principles of art: BALANCE, REPETITION/PATTERN Project Steps SAME ON BOTH SIDES 1. Fold black construction paper in half "hot dog" style (long ways)
2. Open paper back up at turn it horizontally
3. WE WANT BIG ALIENS/BUGS! Therefore, using pencil, start at the folded line and write your name in cursive with pencil so that the capital letter almost touches the top
4. Trace name in WHITE oil pastel
5. Fold paper back in half "hot dog" style so the name isn't showing.
6. Use a ruler to rub over the paper CAREFULLY
(This will transfer your name so there is an exact mirror, symmetrical image on the other side)
7. You may add new body parts and such to their Aliens, but the designs are symmetrical! What you add to one side must be added on the other!! Use a pencil FIRST.
8. HAVE FUN, BE CREATIVE, AND SHOW OFF WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT PATTERNS AND VARIETIES OF LINE AND SHAPE Ours will look a little different from this because we are using BLACK paper and special, colorful art sticks Using the Elements: LINE, SHAPE, AND COLOR
Using the Principles:
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