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The Role of the Business Analyst

No description

BSG (Africa)

on 18 July 2016

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Transcript of The Role of the Business Analyst

... but the world is changing
Understanding the values and principles
in Agile - Ask Why
The Role of the Business Analyst
A great documenter
Long-running, multi-functional teams

A facilitator
I hear there is no
requirements don’t
get signed off??!!

The developers are talking
directly to business and
it’s working!
What am I going to

Extreme programming
is not really my thing…

Fix time and cost, not scope
Working product is the principal
measure of progress

Ask Why
the strategic questioner
“Don’t do the wrong things righter…”

Build facilitation skills
Embrace cheap failure

Adapting to changing circumstances
Welcome Changing requirements
Self organising team
Iterating with the customer in mind
How do you slice the cake?
A great documenter
Understanding values and
A facilitator
Iterating with the
customer in mind
A strategic
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