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Adjunct Evening ITD

No description

Autumn Schaffer

on 9 July 2018

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Transcript of Adjunct Evening ITD

Information Technology Department

Instructional Complex
1st Floor Computer Lab- Room 109

M-F, 8-5
Gordon Email
Username: First Initial Last Name (bmartin)
Password: Reset every 122 days
-Gordon Website
-My Gordon Tab
-Network Password Reset
Provide your email username & then answer security question to be prompted to reset your email password.
Gordon Email: Outlook 2013
Empty Deleted Items Occasionally
Remember: Outlook Calendar
"New Event" and input dates/times
Connect Gordon
Email to Mobile Device:
-"My Gordon"
-Gordon Email
-Smartphone Email Setup
Banner Web
Email Class Roster via Banner Web
Most Common Links:
-Summary Class List
-Mid Term Grades
-Final Grades
Copy emails of students and paste into "BCC" area of email
-Access via "My Gordon" tab
-Use 929 number to login (on front of ID card)
-Choose "Forgot Pin" to reset it
-Please remember your Banner Security Question!
You will use it to reset your Gordon email!
Classroom Computers
-"Switch User"
-Login with your Gordon email username and password
Make sure to log off! Please do not "lock" computer.
Gordon Wireless
Go to the Settings Area on your device and choose "Gordon Wireless"
Login with Your Gordon Email Username and Password
Computer Labs

-Please send from your Gordon Account
-Provide Your Name & Department
-Explain issue in detail
-If issue is with computer on-campus, please provide
Building and Room Number
-On-Campus computers also have individual numbers located on tower.
Remote Mice in Classrooms
Be Mobile as You Teach!
The remote mouse has an accompanying dongle. This dongle is NOT a flashdrive. Please do not remove doggle from the classroom.
If remote mouse is not working properly, remove the dongle from the USB on the tower of the computer and plug it into the bottom of the remote mouse. The laser will light up.
Plug the dongle back into the USB of the computer. Wait a few mins for the software to install.
Brightspace by D2L

-"My Gordon" Tab
-"Brightspace by D2L"
-Login with email username & pw
-Every course has a D2L Shell.
-Students are already loaded into the D2L course.
-Students gain access to their course on the 1st day of class.
-If students "add" the class in BannerWeb during add/drop, it may take 48 hours for them to be added into the D2L course.
-D2L allows for uploading content, discussions, assignment area, gradebook, quizzes, etc.
Faculty will see their courses on the far right side under "My Courses".
Make sure to filter by the correct semester. Click on the name of the course to enter it.
To upload files into D2L
Choose "Content" from the navbar
Add the name of the module (ie: Chapter 1, Unit 1, Quiz 1)
Click in the module and choose "New" and "Upload Files". You can then upload the files from your computer, flashdrive, etc.
H Drive
If you are using computers on-campus, you may choose to save files to your H drive (My Computer- Hawk)

If you are bring files back & forth from home, you may save them to a flashdrive or email them to yourself.

Each department has a printer/copier. Check with the academic aid of your department if you need copies or printing.
Information Technology Links
-"Information Technology"
Brightspace by D2L Resources:
Microsoft 365 for Students
Students can download for FREE!
Must be enrolled that semester
Must use Gordon email to create account
Can download on up to 5 devices
Search "Office 365" on our website
Select link to create a Microsoft account (use Gordon email) and then download
Welcome to Gordon!
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