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Ingredients to Empower the Coach Within

A Taste of Leadership Presentation

Edgar Olivo

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Ingredients to Empower the Coach Within

Leader Development Scale
Reduced conflict
Become an Empowerment Coach!
Career Empowerment Coach Certification
Signature Leadership Program
Encourage Accountability & Set Goals
Harness talent and build plan with team buy-in
Ingredients of
Signature Leadership Program
How do you empower the coach within?
To manage in today’s workplace you must develop strong coaching skills in order to maximize your ability to achieve goals effectively and efficiently.
The role of a manager is changing
Can it get better?
They can access the talent, skills, and intelligence on their team to meet the goals of the organization.
What is a “High Performing Supervisor or Manager”?
Contact me directly
Set an appointment via phone, email or after the presentation
Schedule a FREE Consultation
The ability to access the brainpower, creativity, talent, and discretionary effort from the team you already have.
The Skill of the Century
What are Non-High Performing Supervisors or Managers costing your organization?
They’re goals are aligned with the goals of the organization
What is a “High Performing Employee”?
Ingredients to
the Coach Within
Is your team suffering?
Is the morale in your team or department down?
Do you receive constant complaints?
Are you always trying to resolve conflicts?
Is there low job satisfaction?
Increase in absenteeism?
Low employee engagement?
Are there high costs and low productivity?
Do you remember your first
management experience?
Where do you fall on the leader
development scale?
Edgar R. Olivo
Certified Life and Career Coach
Author, Speaker, Trainer, President
“Everyone must be my friend” Stage
“My way or the highway” Stage
“Let’s get it done” Stage
“The Leader Creator” Stage
High levels of commitment.
"Dictator" phase: Things have to be a certain way.
High level of involvement in every day tasks.
Created a highly skilled and committed team.
“The skill of the next century is not about what you know. It is how fast can you access what the people around you know.” – CK Prahalad
Knowing, seeing, and directing is no longer enough
Goal Setting, Planning and Tracking Progress
Focused Coach Training
Coach the Coach
Practice Coaching Skills
Implement what they learned.
Focused Coach Training
Over 30 Interactive Lessons
Learn to create the “Safe Zone”
Establish a sacred space to build rapport, trust and connectedness in a one-on-one setting
Learn to Motivate and Resolve
Discover your team’s motivators and lead them to “High Performance”
Focused Coach Training
Practice Coaching Skills
Coach the Coach
Laser Coaching Support
Coaching delivered via in-person, telephone or video conferencing
Group Coaching
One-on-One Coaching
Email and Text Support from a Live Empowerment Coach
Tailored options available
Increased Sales
Coaching Benefits:
Wouldn't it be nice?
Signature Leadership Program
You, your team, and your organization DESERVE to feel EMPOWERED!
Register today, get 1-hour FREE Coaching
Today's Special
Taste of Leadership Event
Special Presentation By
Edgar R. Olivo
Compass Life and Career Coaching

Danny Valenzuela
Transition Execs, LLC

Light Refreshments Provided By
Nina Laveson, LMT
A Touch of Warmth

Rookie, wants everyone to like you at first.
Eager to please everyone.
Familiarized with all duties.
Basic understanding of management style.
Level of commitment start to plateau.
Relaxed and confident.
Easily moving up ranks.
Developed a strong team with minimal conflicts.
A win-win-win leader.
Harnessed talent, creativity, and intelligence resources to meet everyone's objectives.
Developing leaders within your team
Easier to delegate tasks.
Ability to release workload easily.
Fundamental Coaching Skills
Conflict Resolution and Communication Barriers
Positive Reinforcement, Empowerment, and Motivational Skills
Recognition, Celebration, and Rewarding Skills
Walk the talk.
Practice coaching the team.
Take the leader to reach new heights
Track level of improvement
90-Day Follow-Up Coaching
Tips Handouts
Manual and Study Guide
Implement Laser Coaching Practice
Over 20 Fundamental Coaching Skills
Over 30 Fun Activities and Exercises
Diminish customer/employee complaints
Improve productivity
Heighten employee engagement
Decreased absenteeism
Decreased employee turnover
Decreased costs
Increased customer contacts
Better work/life balance
Increased job satisfaction
Better customer service
Multiply leaders in your team
Improved employee morale
More productive meetings
Better teamwork
Served over 100 clients and over 25 organizations since late 2011.
15% Off for On Site Training
10% Off Tuition for November or January Trainings
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