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Lee, K - the hunting hat/isolation as protection

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Neil Sullivan

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Lee, K - the hunting hat/isolation as protection

The Hunting Hat in
The Catcher in the Rye

the hat highlighted his individualism and protected him from societal norms
"Finally, I saw her. I saw her through the glass part of the door. The reason I saw her, she had my crazy hunting hat on - you could see that hat about ten miles away" (205).

"Nobody'd be different. The only thing that would be different would be you...I took my old hunting hat out of my pocket while I walked and put it on...Anyway, I kept thinking about all that while I walked" (121).

Holden put on the hat habitually and found comfort in wearing it
He called it "old" even though it was new
"I pulled the peak of my hunting hat around to the front all of a sudden, for a change. I was getting sort of nervous, all of a sudden" (34).

"Anyway, finally I had to come right out and tell him that I had to write a composition for Stradlater...After he left, I put on my pajamas and bathrobe and my old hunting hat, and started writing the composition" (37).
the hat serves as a connection between Holden and Phoebe
"Then I took my hunting hat out of my coat pocket and gave it to her. She likes those kind of crazy hats. She didn't want to take it, but I made her. I'll bet she slept with it on. She really likes those kind of hats" (180).

"She wouldn't answer me. All she did was, she took off my red hunting hat -the one I gave her -and practically chucked it right in my face" (207).

"Then what she did -it damn near killed me -she reached in my coat pocket and took out my red hunting hat and put it on my head." (212-213).
Holden uses the hat to isolate himself from others
"I took my old hunting hat out of my pocket while I walked, and put it on. I knew I wouldn't meet anybody that knew me, and it was pretty damp out" (122).

"All I did was take off my hunting hat and put it in my pocket. All of a sudden, this lady got on at Trenton and sat down next to me" (53-54).
Lee, K - the hunting hat
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