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Spread your wings

No description

monique van poelwijk

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of Spread your wings

Spread your wings and fly
into an English speaking

Closed Questions
Yes/no answers
Patient's History
1. starting the conversation
2. inquiring about body systems
3. standard questions for every symptom
4. describing and asking about pain
Practice 2
Talking about complaints and giving advice
English for Pharmacists
Overall aim:
Students have practiced taking the history of patients, using appropriate English.
Aims for Questions and History taking:
Students recognize what open and closed questions are. Students recognize what follow up questions are.
Students demonstrate some standard questions for symptoms
Students demonstrate appropriate phrases and sentences used in patients history taking
Students demonstrate asking about body systems, pain and certain conditions
Aims for giving advice
Students use appropriate vocabulary, phrases and sentences to give advice

use question words
Is your knee painful?
yes it is/no it isn't
Do you take your medication every day?
yes I do/no I don't
Open questions
When we need more information
What, When, Where, Why, Who (how)
What's the problem?
When did you start taking this medication?
Where does it hurt?
Who prescribed this medication?
to elicit a longer answer
Does it hurt anywhere else?
Is there anything else you'd like to talk about?
Tell me more about.........
How about.....
What about...........

Can/could You describe how you're feeling?

Tell me more about the medication you're taking

How about the pain, has it subsided after taking the medication?

What about the side effects?
Giving advice and talking about expectation
: Can and may
Drinking alcohol with this medication can/may be dangerous.
: Can and may
Can I drink alcohol with this medication?
: Need
You need to finish the treatment, even if you start feeling better.
: must/have/mustn't
You must take this medication with some water. You have to take....
: Should/ought to/shouldn't
You should take it before/during/after meals. You ought to.....
: Should/ought to/shouldn't
you should take these twice a day.

First Practice
* Scripted and General Role play in groups of 4 (or in pairs in smaller groups)
Round 1
* Student 1&2 are patient and pharmacist
*Student 3&4 are observing and giving feedback
Round 2
* Student 3&4 are patient and pharmacist
*Student 1&2 are observing and giving feedback
1 row pharmacists
1 row patients
We use role play cards
Study your information to prepare for your role

Use the handouts to help you use the proper English
You will meet different Pharmacists and Patients
Start the conversation
Inquire about body systems
Ask questions
Speak about pain
Give advice
Practice 3
Step 1
Use the handouts provided to write a role as a patient.
Step 2
Look for a classmate. You both play the role of pharmacist and patient using your scripts.
The role of pharmacist is not scripted.
Step 3
Look for a 'new victim' and do another role play
Step 4
Repeat step 3!
Think of an interesting condition;
Type of pain
Previous treatment
Take the history and prescribe medication
Be yourself, Use English, have fun!
English handbook for Doctors
By Dr. K. Nagaviroy and P. Bumrarbpatipak

Medicine 1 and 2 by S. McCarter
pharmacy script: http://elcivics30.pbworks.com

ailment and treatment cards: bogglesworld.com
3 hour course
Teacher: Monique van Poelwijk
Method: Language Teaching and Language Practice through Role Play

Test: Written test
Hand out and exercise
HO 1 questions
HO 2 asking about pain
HO 3 Grammar

Study the hand outs for a couple of minutes
1. rewrite closed questions into
open-ended questions
2. practice asking follow up questions. Use the first questions from the hand out.
Follow up questions
We often use follow-up questions when we are listening, to show that we are interested or surprised.
Like: really, did you, are you?

'I love Thai food!'
Do You? Really?
'I'm tired.'
Are you?
'My head hurts.'
Does it?

Used to get more information about the same topic.
Do you have pain? Yes.
Where do you have pain? In my head.
When did it start? Yesterday.
Do you have headaches regularly? No, I don't.
What do you think caused this headache?
Giving Advice
Hand out: role play scripts
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