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Idiolect Presentation

No description

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Idiolect Presentation

My Idiolect
My accent
I have a south-east London accent. Some call it posh and precise or the queens English
My vocabulary
- E
veryone in my family speaks English very well and fluently

as it is every ones first language

What i read, watch and listen to
- I
like many tv shows however one of my favorites is friends and some series such as gossip girl
Where i grew up

- I was born in England, London
I lived in Richmond for the first 3 years of my life then moved to Barnes, and am still living there now.
- I
was 3 years old when i started school
- My parents have the same accent as me and my grandparents, who i am in regular contact with have a slight welsh accent because they live in Wales, however it has not effected my accent
I have often been called posh by people who don't know me
- My friends have many different accents including mostly American and British. Some of them speak more then one language like chinese and french
My vocabulary consists mainly of british slang such as 'sick' (meaning cool), 'man' and swear words because of the people i hang out with and my social context.
- I don’t have a favorite musician because i like lots of different types of music such as house, rap, indie

I read the daily mail and often go on face book and sometimes twitter which can give me different interpretations of the world and its language (especially the daily mail as some of it is not completely true)
Where i have lived has not changed my accent because Richmond and Barnes are very close to each other and are both in south-east London so have the same idiom
The Queens idiolect
the queen has an extremely posh English accent, and speaks very proper, never using slang
- she is very precise and speaks in a slow manner called received pronunciation
- an accent was made called the queens English; its an accent or jargon used by the upper class and aristocrats meaning if you have that accent, normally you are very well off

The Queen of England
My idiolect
- A feature of my idiolect is that i enjoy and use a lot of humor and am sometimes sarcastic.

- I'm quite impulsive as i react fast.

- I also curse a lot because around my friends i swear almost the whole time and also at home my parents do not mind me cursing.

- My friends and i have our own sociolect
- i enjoy quite light hearted conversations rather to ones about something like politics
- i will dominate the conversation if it is about something i am interested in, otherwise i won't really listen
The queens speech
April 21, 1926
- Elizabeth II
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