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english team prezi by NAMU!


Namwoo Bae

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of english team prezi by NAMU!

House? Car? Travel? Shopping? Your selection? House? Car? Travel? Your selection ? Music
I would make drum that made of gold and entertain myself all my life through music.
After studying about music to be a professional, I would keep working as a famous musician.
I would build a fancy house
which is soundproof and
fill my life with great music
with many talented musicians. If you won the lottery,
what would you want to do most?
(If you had no faith at the moment) To god
I would devote the half of the money to God by giving tithe, offering for the construction and mission, and scholarship for needy children.
To the poor
I also spend the rest of money, not for me but for the old and young who have difficulties in financial issues by supporting with things to live. If you won the lottery, what would you want to do most?
( If you had a faith at the moment) Kim ha young If I will win the lotto, at first, I want to build a church with beautiful garden for my father, he is a vice pastor. If will praise and worship at wonderful church, We are blessed of God. And second to, I will invest for me. I will buy all beautiful things, to my want. So I will life to a princess. The things you want and if I win the lottery...

1.Subscription a tithes to the Lord.
2.Retina MacBook Pro 15-inch purchase.

3.Buy the Galaxy Note 2 3G model (GT-N7100).
Buy a high-performance notebook computers.

Taps share parents.

Is an amazing gift to my sister.

Buy the book you can feel the most interesting. I don’t want too much money suddenly.
because I saw people who meet bad situation. But It is just my opinion.

If I won the lottery, first I will make a trip.

-Because I want to meet many people.
then I can do various thinking and I can understand people’s thinking. First ♥ Second reason is that I want to have a my mind’s shelter or rest place.
Sometimes people want to be alone and leave somewhere.
Samely I want to have break time.
If so ,It is really great and good things ! Thank you ^^ 1. My church is reclaim church, so I want help them. I decided to dedicate tithes.

2. I will share half of money with my parents. Then, I want to send my parents world tour. My parents doesn’t speak english so I will employ a guide for my parents. 3. I’m planning to marry with someone. And we will travel honeymoon in Maldives.
And all the remain money, we will save and gathering money constantly. Then someday when we will get 50’s we will travel around of world. 1. God, the first will be the tithes and donations construction,.

2. Would like to buy the land and build a church.

3. I'd like to make a donation to those less fortunate.

4. For the future is going to savings. I will donate 1 billion for jangshin univ. Buy the lamborghini!!! If you wanna win the lottery,
buy Lotto now!! Thank you~^^ Are you ready??
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